Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On the Road: Virginia

Tonight's booksigning at Borders in Fairfax, Virginia included some people from the early days of Thirteen Reasons Why. Only one month after its release, Kurtis Goad gave my book a great review on Boys Blogging Books. In the photo below, I'm joined by Kurtis and Sherri Goad (who did a great job reading as Hannah tonight).

Linda Acorn won a contest on my old blog and came to tonight's event with her winnings. I signed her very rare Thirteen Reasons Why t-shirt and an Advance Reading Copy.

Some of you may know that I'm "kind of" into politics. So when the driver took me to my hotel, I had a serious case of What would be the right thing to do? It was late. I had to get up early for my next flight. But Washington D.C. was just across the river!!!

So I hopped in a cab and decided to sleep on the plane.

Monuments have never impressed me much. Many of them are simply bland or overly symbolic for my taste. Looking at photos of the Washington Monument always left me scratching my head. But to see it in person? It's so...well...monumental! (Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try, there's no way to express how impressed I was without my description sounding full of innuendo.)

And the Lincoln Memorial is absolutely inspiring and beautiful.

Even at 11pm, there was an excited crowd gathered in front of the White House.

And now...goodnight!


LindaBudz said...

It was great meeting you, Jay! I blogged about it as well!

Thanks for signing my shirt. It's up to $68 on e-Bay now (kidding!).

Anonymous said...

Between your and Linda's blog, I feel almost like I was there. So, so wish I could have gotten away. Thanks for the pix--I did the Mall at night on the night of my junior prom. :)

Jay Asher said...

Great meeting you, too, Linda! And I told ya, I will be monitoring eBay.

Wish you could've been there, AMP. Next time...no excuses!!!

shorty411 said...

Hey Jay,
I was sad to miss you at Borders, however I did hear you stopped by my bookstore! Barnes and Noble Potomac Yard! It's next to the airport and you stopped in to sign some stock. I'm one of the kid's lead booksellers and was actually there while you were but no one told me you were in! Unbelievable! Although you did already sign my book at SCBWI National in NY it still would've been nice seeing you. Maybe next time, like when you go on tour for the release of your next book!