Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Trip Down eMemory Lane

Today I combed through and deleted hundreds of old emails. So far, I’ve made it through 2007 and 2008. Here are a few snippets from those years which made me smile all over again:

I just (and I mean just, less than five minutes ago) finished reading it and it is one of the best, if not the best, books I have ever read.
- from the very first e-mail my editor received regarding the Advance Reading Copy of Thirteen Reasons Why (which caused both of us to relax…a little)

I'm so excited about your book. I never doubted you'd make it big as a writer--perhaps this generations Judy Blume…I love your sense of humor and I'm sure the book is poignant and hilarious.
- from a former co-worker who apparently didn’t know what my book was about

Thirteen Reasons Why is the only book that my whole galley group (eleven girls) has cherished, and every new member MUST read Thirteen Reasons Why or else...well one of the members says that it is the initiation of joining the group.
- from a member of a bookstore book club which reads through Advance Reading Copies to help the store decide what to stock

5. Do you like catfish? Taylor Grocery has the best catfish around. My best friend is the chef.
- from a bookseller trying to convince me (with thirteen reasons, of course) to visit her town

Last night was a BLAST! It was so much of a blast that I when I left the school, I left it unlocked and a candle burning...lol. (Thank goodness nothing is missing...that we know of, and my principal has not fired me yet!) The kids had so much fun (we got some great pics!) and the discussion was phenomenal...much better than I ever imagined!
- from a school librarian after leading a book club discussion of my book

First let me start by saying I absolutely loved your book Thirteen Reasons Why! That is why I have decided to teach it in my Modern Literature class for the 2008-2009 school year.
- from a teacher

Congratulations! THIRTEEN REASONS WHY has hit the New York Times bestseller list at #10! Everyone at Penguin is so happy for you!
- from my publicist at Penguin

2009, here I come!


AmandaHewer said...

I like the former co-worker one. Lol.

At least they were nice, even if they didn't really know what the book was about.

Caprica-Lex said...

So... Do you like catfish or not? *g*

Jay Asher said...

I didn't try the catfish. But I did go to her town...despite reason #5!

BalletMommy said...

My daughter, who is 12, just finished your book and loved it. She was even inspired to write a song. I'll be reading it next - it's fantastic that she and I can enjoy many of the same books. I was apprehensive about your subject but she's a very bright and sensitive kid and sharing books like this makes a great conversation starter.

Lisa Schroeder said...

Wow. What fun to go back and reminisce.

You must have thousands and thousands, huh? I have a "fan mail" folder in my e-mail. I'm thrilled with my 150 or so. :) Whenever I need a boost, I open up that folder.

Julie said...

I loved your book! I read it about 6 weeks ago. I'm currently writing a teen fiction book (my first novel) so I took all the books from the young adult bestseller list, wrote down the names and combed the library. Yours was the only one they had in at the time. I lucked out. Every since I finished those last pages I've been raving to everyone I can that they should read this book.

What inspired me most was the simplicity of everything. It made me see that I was getting to worked up about setting, long descriptions of places characters travel, dates and times (should it be Monday or Tuesday) and so on. I love than your book takes place over a span of barely more than twenty four hours.

Sorry this is so long I just wanted say Great Book!

Wild About Words said...

Yay, Jay!!!