Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Friday, September 21, 2018

2018 Concerts...So Far

Whenever I attend a live music event, I kick myself for not attending more. So this is my public commitment to attend more concerts, big or small!

The latest show I attended, I arrived in time to see Johnnyswim, an incredible husband and wife duo. For their last song, they grabbed a guitar and microphone and brought the show right up to the lawn seats.

The main act was Needtobreathe, a band I've listened to a ton this past year. Their musicianship is incredible, and was matched by the best visual presentation I've seen at a concert.

The previous week, I attended a much smaller show at a smaller venue. My ex-wife, JoanMarie, performed covers and originals, and the place was packed with old friends and new.

The week before, I attended my friend Trey Pearson's show on his very moving Safe Space tour.

The hat I'm wearing above was purchased at the previous week's show, where JoanMarie and I celebrated the good times of our marriage by going to see Willie Nelson. First to take the stage, of course, was his iconic guitar, Trigger.

Then came the living icon himself.

Before that, I got to see a band I'd only heard about three days prior while on a research trip to New York. When I flew back home, I found out this band were playing my hometown in a matter of hours!

Blue October quickly rose up high on my Absolute Favorite Bands list, as well as my Favorite Live Acts list. Their recent hit, I Hope You're Happy, will forever hold an extremely special place in my heart.