Saturday, November 26, 2022

Happiness is...100!

(a Peanutized me)

Today marks 100 years since the birth of Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts comic strip. Over the years, my love and appreciation for the art Mr. Schulz gave to the world have hopefully been obvious. As a tribute, here are several blog posts I've done that reference my gratefulness for these large-headed kids and the mind that created them:

It Is What They Is - February 23, 2010
...includes a supportive essay for artists dealing with criticism.

I've Got Mail - June 7, 2011
...includes Blockhead & Son in matching shirts.

Book Tour 2011: Minnetonka - October 19, 2011
...includes sharing a root beer with Snoopy.

Highland PEANUTS - September 15, 2014
...includes meeting Mrs. Schulz.

50 States Against Bullying: MINNESOTA - January 14, 2015
...includes eating snow at Sparky's childhood home.

Not Just PEANUTS - September 15, 2017
...includes a high point of my life and career.