Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I've Got Mail

I love going to my mailbox! Once a day, I get to slowly open the metal door and peek inside, filled with the hope that the Mail Carrier brought me something good. Unlike Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, the Mail Carrier visits me six days every week. On days that I've been bad, she stuffs my box with bills. But every Friday, whether I deserve it or not, she brings me Entertainment Weekly. And on days when I've been really good, she brings me something extra special.

Recently, the Mail Carrier delivered a shiny gold medallion because Thirteen Reasons Why won the Young Adult Book Award given by the South Carolina Association of School Librarians. I wasn't able to accept the award in person, but the librarians knew the Mail Carrier would deliver this beautiful award safely and soundly.

Also in the mail recently, SLO Life Magazine, which had interviewed me for their cover story (which you can read here). I'll admit, it's been fun to walk around town and have people recognize me and come up to chat. Because of one answer I gave in the interview, a guy at the gym admitted that he has Vanilla Ice on his iPod. Very few people will admit that!

Doesn't Isaiah look proud of his daddy?

Finally, last month I did a blog interview with Naomi Canale. In that interview, I use the first line from the first Peanuts comic strip as an answer. Later, on Facebook or Twitter or somewhere, I mentioned that I would love to have that strip on a t-shirt. Well, Ms. Canale remembered a photo I shared of Isaiah in a Charlie Brown onesie, and made me a shirt that included more than just that comic strip.

Don't I look like a very proud daddy?

(Just to let you know, yesterday and today, all I got were bills.)


  1. Congrats and more congrats, Jay! And I love the photos of you and Isaiah, especially that last one - way too cute :)

  2. The t-shirts are too cute. Congratulations on the award.

  3. Congrats on the award Jay! I'm glad it fits you so well and Isaiah, your cuteness is to die for! *Adorable* Thanks Jay :)

  4. Great Pictures! I can't wait to see you speak on the central coast! I would love to meet you!

  5. I read the article a few days ago and I STILL have Vanilla Ice stuck in my head!
    My mom found it on the counter and asked to borrow the book from me. I had to take it away because she wasn't getting any work done.
    And what did you mean THINK it's Manuel's? If it isn't, then what could it possibly be!?

  6. I think you and Isaiah should wear those t-shirts to your next book signing. ;-) Super cute.

    And awesome award! It kinda reminds me of a giant piece of pirate's treasure. Which is very cool. :-)

  7. It isn't Manuel's. It was a place down in Arcadia, CA called Red Spot Liquor. That's why, in the book, it's called Blue Bpot...cuz I'm so creative with names!

    And I thought the award looked like pirate treasure, as well. I considered photographing it atop a pile of real gold coins to make it look ultra piratey, but then I realized I don't own any gold coins!

  8. Ahhh. You tricked us putting it across the street from Restless Video! I thought it was a little bit of a stretch on the name. =]

  9. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Congrats! Isaiah is so adorable!

  10. that's awesome! So excited about your SC Book Award. A great achievement.

    Great pics & loving these frequent updates....

  11. Congrats on the award/being featured in SLO Life Magazine!

    And adorable photos :)

  12. Look at you two! This is one of those really special pictures that will always make you smile through the years- great picture.

  13. whats your opinion on parents wanting to bann your book Thirteen reasons why ?