Thursday, July 30, 2009

On the Road: Connecticut

John McCain picked me up at the airport in Connecticut.

Okay, it wasn't really McCain, but the guy looked exactly like him. But I didn't say anything just in case the man who was responsible for getting me places on time and weaving me in and out of traffic would be upset by such a comparison. But then he mentioned that he's a twin and I searched my brain for useless bits of political info. Does John McCain have a twin brother? Finally, Jim (his last name is not McCain) broke the ice. During last year's election he had his 15 minutes of fame by taking a dare and standing in Harvard Square with a sign which read McCain for Obama '08. He eventually had to be whisked away because the crowd got so big around him.


Oh, right. The book tour! The event at RJ Julia Booksellers was wonderful...and not just because they sold out of my book. The evening began with a reading by Samantha (as Hannah) and me (as Clay). Thanks, Samantha! You did a great job.

Here's how the audience looked from my point of view:

The people in my left eye...

The people in my right eye...

I know I missed a few people in the middle. Sorry!

Of course, the audience looked even more beautiful when they all got up and stood in line for autographs.

And finally, here's a photo I found online of Mr. 15 Minutes himself!

Thanks for getting me everywhere safe and on time, Jim. And thanks for the great conversations!

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