Monday, July 27, 2009

On the Road: Illinois

Day Three:

I got into Chicago around 5:30 and was driven to several bookstores to sign what they had in stock. Back at my hotel, I began to look over the next day's schedule. For one of my radio interviews, which would be done at the station, I was supposed to bring a copy of my book.


So I walked to the nearest bookstore, a Borders, to buy a copy of my own book. (For some reason, that felt really embarrassing.) The copies I had signed earlier were arranged beautifully. I grabbed one and walked to the front counter. As long as whoever rung me up didn't look at the author photo, I'd be alright.

The cashier asked if I had a Rewards card. I did. I gave her my phone number. She punched it in...then paused. She tilted her head at the screen. Then she looked at the cover of my book.

"Is this your book?"

I blushed. "At least it'll help my sales."

Day Four:

I had two telephone interviews in the morning, which I'll link to when they're online. One, conducted by a marriage and family therapist was absolutely wonderful. The host had a great sensitivity to the issue of suicide and we had a fascinating discussion.

Before I do a telephone interview, I often try to find a photo of the host to give me something to look at while I'm talking. So some of the conversations look like this...

(Most interviews don't get as confrontational as the above photo implies.)

Then I did an interview in an NPR station and another that was filmed for a Barnes & Noble Meet the Authors segment. This photo's from the NPR station interview...

Finally, I got to eat! I attended a pizza party put together by Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville. Well, pizza and one humongous brownie.

The event at Anderson's afterwards went great. Lots of teens. Parents. Teachers. Librarians. And writers!

Someone I credit with giving Thirteen Reasons Why a very big boost last summer was in the audience. Amber did an NPR report for All Things Considered titled "Three Books for Teens Who Hate to Read." For several months after that clip aired, I ran into people who first heard about my book from that report. So thank you, Amber!

And during today's reading, Hannah Baker was performed by Susan. Thanks for doing a great job, Susan!


Frankie Diane Mallis said...

Aw you had to buy your own book! That was hilarious! Your tour sounds awesome, I'm planning to come see you in NJ:-)

Suzanne Young said...

I love that the cashier figured out it was you! haha. And you're going to be on one of those meet the author videos? That is so cool!

Jennie Englund said...

Hilarious bookstore story!

I'm thinking a lot of cashiers wouldn't notice that. Props to her!

Bri said...

That is so funny that you had to buy your own book. I porobably wouldn't have recognized you. Congrats to the cashier for knowing her authors!

Jay Asher said...

Not all cashiers are created equal!

See ya in NJ, Frankie!