Friday, July 17, 2009

Book Chat

This was filmed during my visit to R.A. Long High School last April.

Now you see why I had such an amazing time!


AmandaHewer said...

I think you wrote from a girls perspective very well and I'm excited that there will be another book.

On another note:
In 9th grade, I wrote a research project on school violence and a large part of my paper ended up being about bullycide. I do not personally know anyone who has attempted suicide, but writing my paper and reading your book really makes it personal for me. I've never really bullied anyone or tried to make them feel bad (not intentionally at least) but now I feel like you don't have to just be a neutral component, you can help out, stand up, or be pro-active for those who are in negative circumstances.

I told this guy to stop picking on one of my classmates who has a physical abnormality, and just when I thought he was actually going to hit me, he flung pudding at me. Fortunately, he didn't check for teachers so he was caught and suspended for throwing food and for bullying. I hadn't seen him pick on my classmate for the rest of the year and all it cost me was an old t-shirt and a few behind-my-back conversations and laughs.

Sorry that was so long. I really got into it.


kah said...

If my books ever get published the interviews are what I fear most, but you a great job. It must feel amazing to have such a positive effect on so many readers. Kudos!

Jay Asher said...

My Hero of the Day:
Amanda Hewer!!!

Thank you for sharing that very inspiring story, Amanda. If you ever come to one of my booksignings, I'll treat you to a free cup of pudding!

And thank you, Karen. Interviews still make me more nervous than any other part of this business, but I'm slowly learning to enjoy them. For some reason, in-person interviews are much easier than telephone interviews.

AmandaHewer said...

Oh thanks. lol. Just what I need, more pudding.

And I agree with you about the phone, I mean I've never been interviewed, but I talk to people much better in person than on the phone. Talking on the phone actually makes me really nervous, my friends think its funny to call me all the time. lol.

kah said...

Way to go Amanda! And since my middle name is Amanda, it makes you that much more of a rock star. :)

Julie Musil said...

What a great interview. It must be satisfying to see the impact your book is having on young readers. Well done!