Sunday, February 15, 2009

Florida: Day 3

As people began arriving for my second presentation, I noticed something about the make-up of this well as the one yesterday. Along with the teens came a sizable amount of parents and teachers. And I found that extremely inspiring. After all, this is a holiday weekend. Everyone has important things to do. But for some reason, the parents and teachers around here seem to think books are very important.

Yes, I am lovin' it in the Sunshine State (where, today, it happened to rain)!

So thank you to Mary and Jennifer of the Suntree/Viera Public Library for helping to organize this visit. They even put together an interactive display which played off an element of my book. Students were encouraged to write down and post messages, thoughts, or phrases which have helped them get through difficult times. Behind us is that board, labeled Hannah's Hope Notes.

For today's group photo I was able to back up a little more and get most of the audience in the shot.

I'll be getting up early tomorrow to speak to a group of librarians and teachers (and then spending the rest of the day at the Kennedy Space Center), so I'll be turning in early tonight...unless, of course, there's something really good on TV. But first I took a stroll near my hotel and found a beautiful canal between a park and a row of houses. Right after I took this shot, I heard a loud snap! and spun around. All I saw were a bunch of bubbles in the water where I thought a little birdie had been floating a second ago.

So I ran like crazy back to my room!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for talking with our little group. I loved getting to meet you and read with you. Next time you make it to the Space Cost, I have something for you to try if you thought NASA was cool.