Thursday, October 16, 2014

50 States Against Bullying: GEORGIA

The eighth state on the 50 States Against Bullying campaign brought me to Mill Creek High School in Georgia. I left the hotel a bit early so I could grab a salted caramel mocha before I began speaking to help me wake up. (Well, that's how I justified it. It was really because I can't get enough of that deliciousness!)

When I first entered the school library, I saw a bucket of cards. Students were encouraged to consider why they matter and express that to the rest of the school. They then posted the cards on a wall.

The bucket was nearly empty.

Students Jessica and Andreea introduced me to the rest of the students, beginning with a recitation of "Soul Alone," the poem Hannah wrote in Thirteen Reasons Why.

The book signing in the library turned into an opportunity for wonderful discussions with students, as well as some tears and hugs. I also had the chance to meet Will Walton from Avid Bookshop. Will's debut YA novel, Anything Could Happen, comes out next year!

He assures me that the website linked to above is a work-in-progress.

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Beth Knight said...

We really enjoyed your visit! The students were so excited about your coming to our school. You only saw a fraction of the students who wanted to attend your talk. Many students had midterms today or tomorrow and just couldn't miss class. Thanks so much for making our school a part of your tour! You rock!