Thursday, December 11, 2014

50 States Against Bullying: NEW YORK

The twenty-fifth stop on the 50 States Against Bullying campaign brought me to New York. As stated in my last post, I love me some Christmas. And the holiday season in New York has a feel unlike anywhere else. They even sell trees unlike anywhere else!

The building I spoke in, The Packer Collegiate Institute, was beautiful both outside...

...and inside.

If I knew there'd be a pipe organ behind me when I spoke, I would've worn a white half-mask. You know, like in Phantom of the Opera? Maybe not for the whole presentation, but at least for a cool photo op!

Instead, I spoke with my boring ol' full-face.

Being in New York, it was an honor to have so many people from my publishing house show up to hear me speak. These are the people responsible for getting my books out to you, and often getting me out to see you. Basically, they're people I'm completely indebted to, and yet I also really like them all as people. How cool is that!?

Emily Romero, Carmella Iaria (this tour was her idea), Elyse Marshall
Ben Schrank, Jessica Almon, Kristen Pettit, Casey McIntyre

Kristen's at a different publishing house now, but she edited Thirteen Reasons Why, so we're eternally connected!

Felicia Frazier

Elizabeth Zajac
(manages my crazy 50-state itinerary)

This school visit had a lot of great and hilarious moments. During the Q&A, a guy accidentally called it the 50 States Against America tour, which provided a nice laugh and earned him a well-deserved high-five.

A girl wrote me a very nice letter with this as its cover:

Another girl asked me a question that, while not true, I now can't not see. She asked if the girl who modeled for the cover of Thirteen Reasons Why was Jennifer Aniston.

I actually don't know who the model is. But if anyone does know her, tell her I'd love to get my book signed by her!

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