Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Believe in the Great Pumpkin

From my bedroom window, I can see the Christmas tree farm where JoanMarie and I cut down our tree every December. But the bright lights they put up so customers don't trip over stumps were turned on rather early this year. So the other night, we drove over to see what was going on. Amid the still-growing Christmas trees, they were also growing pumpkins this year!

To help raise money for high school sports, the owners of the farm let the athletes grow pumpkins on their land free-of-charge. Each week, athletes from a different team are responsible for taking care of, then selling, the pumpkins. We were there on water polo night.

While we already had a few pumpkins back on our doorstep waiting to be carved, we just couldn't leave without buying a few more.

Sometimes it feels like the world is becoming more selfish. It's so wonderful to occasionally stumble upon a business doing a bit more than their share to help out their community.


Donna Gambale said...

That's so nice! I'm in love with carving pumpkins... primarily because I make fabulous pumpkin seeds. (One of my few culinary specialties.) Yum!

Northwriter said...

That is very cool. It's refreshing to hear stories like this. People working together, sharing resources and empowering teens.

In my town (Fairbanks, Alaska) there is a farm that has started several gardens at local elementary schools. High school students are hired in the summer to tend the gardens and much of the produce is donated to places like The Food Bank and a Women's Shelter.

Good things going on everywhere!

A Fish Alone said...

What a great idea! Thanks for acknowledging good will in the communtity.

Jay Asher said...

Donna, I love pumpkin seeds! But I haven't roasted them in years. Might have to do just that for Halloween '09!

Northwriter and Fish, it's very rewarding to keep your eyes open for people doing good things. Even Halloween can be about giving, I suppose!

Anonymous said...

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