Monday, October 05, 2009

So Much Drama! - 2

What are these students doing? It looks like they're just lounging around, having a good ol' time on sofas and cushy chairs.

Oh. Apparently they're rehearsing for a play.

In the few acting classes I took while in school, it was fairly obvious I wasn't cut out for the stage. But I did work on the sound crew for a few plays in high school. Unfortunately, I wasn't very good at that, either. As far as creative arts go, I should just stick with writing novels and stay out of the theater.


Wait! What do their binders say? Thirteen Reasons Why??? Oh, I get it. These must be the students at Antioch Community High School I was telling you about, moving forward on their fall production.

Here are the actors and actresses who will play Clay and Hannah on different nights.

I wonder if they have any idea that they're taking a dream I didn't dare wish aloud and turning it into reality.


K. M. Walton said...

How amazing is that?? What a surreal experience it must be as well.

Brittany said...

I wish I lived near there. It's quite a drive. But who knows maybe I can take some time of and head over anyways. Or maybe it will wnd up on youtube. How great for you though, this really is amazing.


*fingers crossed that this will find its way onto youtube!*

Donna Gambale said...

So cool! I can't imagine what that's like for you.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Welcome back! Your photographs of your honeymoon were spectacular!

Thirteen Reasons is an exceptional books. I am working on a YA book and studied Thirteen Reasons (along with other books) for style and format. I can't say enough how good it is.

When can we expect a new book from you?

Jay Asher said...

I just finished reading the school's script, which they wrote entirely on their own, and was extremely impressed. It gave me goosebumps! The staging is so creative.

And just now...I received a request from another school who would like to perform their own version.

This is getting fun!