Monday, October 19, 2009

Fried Green Tomatoes

Yes, my visit to Arkansas was about more than eating great food. But if you've never had a BLT sandwich where the T comes fried and're missing out! When I get back to California, if I can find a restaurant that serves those, they'll have a customer for life.

My real reason for being in Arkansas was to give three presentations at the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library. The first two presentations were during the day and students were bused in from several local schools. The evening performance was open to the public, but there were also some students bused in from a school further away. That meant they trekked to the library, after school hours, to hear an author speak!

Y'all have a great way of making a guy feel special. Thank you!

Once again, I signed a whole lot more than just books. A while back, in Florida, I signed a guy's forehead, which was a first for me. Well, tonight I signed my first female forehead.

That's Jazz in the photo above. Later in the evening, I signed my second female forehead...but I forgot to get a photo. D'oh! That would've been a fun collection to have.

And thank you, Nikki and Kathryn, for making these very cool t-shirts for the event.

I had way too many "favorite moments" throughout the day to share them all. But let me share two that are easy to describe.

1. A guidance counselor told me she framed a quote from my book and has it hanging in her office as a daily reminder: "Everything affects everything." (That just happens to be my favorite quote from the book, as well.)

2. I got an e-mail from one of the students who heard me speak today. Part of her e-mail said: "I want to become a writer more than anything in the world. After hearing that it took u 12 years to get a great book published, I now know it's not going to be easy...But it's worth it." Do I need to say any more about why I love meeting my readers?

As promised, here are left and right photos from each presentation. Next time, I'm taking panoramic shots!

The only person who made it into all six of the photos above, the woman in blue, is Miss Kay, the Children's Librarian. She set up a very well-organized event and was wonderful to work with over the two years it took to make the event happen.

I can't wait to come back!


Candace said...

I love love love seeing how far and wide your books have traveled, and how many people have read them and what it has done for them. I scrolled down and read those excerpts from the letters you posted, and I wish I could be there to see the stage production. It's weird, thinking that several short years ago I was crossing off the days until this book was out and today it is everywhere and has made such an impact on people. :)

Dustin Hood said...

I just learned this morning that you came to Jonesboro. I was a short 30 minutes away and am so upset that I missed you. I wish my school was one of the ones that attended your presentations. Your book has been life changing to many people and I would've loved to have a short interview. If you would like to e-mail me at


Barrie said...

How great that they bused students in to listen to you speak!

Jay Asher said...

Candace, yes, it's definitely been weird to look back and see all that's happened since the book came out!

Dustin, I wish you could've been there. Hopefully I'll be somewhere nearby before too long. (E-mail ya soon!)

And Barie, I know!!!

Frank said...

I bought your book in early August.I loved every chapter and page and bragged to friends.They are still reading it as i type this.They love it aswell.Great job and the book deserves to be on the New York bestsellers list. ^__^!

DeAndra(: said...

I saw my head in a pic lol.
You were great :)
I love 13 Reasons Why; it just has me thinking more carefully about what I do to people; and I think that everybodyyyyy should read it<3