Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feed Me!

Beginning next week, Carolyn Mackler and I will travel to 9 cities across the country in 9 days to talk about The Future of Us. Most days will be filled with travel, speaking, and signing books, but there will be a few hours here and there to check out the sites.

If you currently live, have ever lived, or spent some time in these cities, I want to know what you think is a can't-miss. Since time will be limited, I'm mostly interested in two things: food & art.

Are there nice restaurants where the food will make my eyes roll back? Or cheap and delicious spots where a dollar will go a long way toward filling my tummy? Either way, I'm already getting hungry!

Are there museums I can pop into for a quick stroll that'll make my eyes and brain dance for joy? Or maybe make me smarter?

As a reminder, here's the map of our tour (which you can click on to make larger), with the cities listed at the bottom:

Thanks for your help!


Matthew MacNish said...

When you're in Atlanta you ought to have BBQ, and the best two spots in/near downtown are Fox Brothers and Daddy D'z BBQ Joynt (their spelling).

I may try to come meet you, but I live pretty far north. Although, that is a Friday, and I get off early.

Shellie Braeuner said...

It's a little bit of a drive, (About 20 minutes) but its worth it!!! When you are in Decatur, head southwest to Atlanta. There you have got to eat at the Varsity!! It is an experience! Not only do they have BEST onion rings on the planet (Ten minutes from fresh whole onion to crisp rings on your plate!) But you'll also have fun ordering!! Plus, they have truly fantastic homemade peach turnovers. Not healthy, but once in a while its good to indulge!! Let me know how you like it! (I was your fellow-bunny at LA-SCBWI!)

Tiffany Sunshine said...
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Lisa Dunick said...

While in Atlanta, make a side trip to the suburb of Decatur and eat at the Iberian Pig. Seriously. Eat there. soooo amazingly good. Tapas. mmmm

Deb Day said...

If you were coming anywhere near my house (Cresco, Iowa--northeast Iowa--no bookstore, but I have a great library in my classroom) I would fix you a homemade dinner---alas, that is not to be

Maureen Smyth said...

In downtown Princeton, NJ: Princeton U Art Museum (http://artmuseum.princeton.edu/) wonderful collection including ancient to modern art, with many masters represented. You must stop by the Bent Spoon (http://www.thebentspoon.net) for amazing ice cream & sorbet like vanilla sea salt caramel, chocolate black peppercorn &
New Jersey honey. My fav is dark choc. sorbet. Yum!

Anonymous said...

Well to bad you arn't coming to the mid america area but I was glad to meet you when you had your last debute author persintation thingy... i don't know what you call it. But anyways I am from Huston and know a bit about there. Well there is one restraut that is amazing I love... it's called the Aquerium in downtownish Huston. It's a place with amazing food and then later you can go around and see the huge aquirums and they have a few rides and stuff. I go there every summer for fun with family. They also have the cutest white tigers there (four of them) and once I got to see them be fed with my five year old cousin who praticly freaked out with excitment (LOL) and so what else... if you can go to Galviston beach. I like it since I live nowere close to an ocean but it's not as nice as it use to be... sunsets are amazing but I feel like I have a Ponyboy moment. Hmm... I wish you were heading towards San Antonio because on the river walk they have amazing mexican restraunt... and I saw baby ducks!!! (happy squeel). Ok what else. i don't know enjoy your trip. I can't wait to read your guyses new book my lyberry just got it and they couldn't take longer to get it on the shelfs.

LibraryGirl said...

I am so excited to see Miami on your tour. I wish it was on a day I could go but alas I will be working. Anyways... if someone else is paying the tab, I highly recommend Joe's Stone Crabs for the ultimate Miami meal. The stone crabs and the key lime pie are the best around.
Hopefully, the weather will be nice when you are here so you can get outside. There is a lot of art in public places to see here.

Irish Girl said...

As a fellow Californian, I'm going to tell you... avoid Whataburger... (no offense to Tiffany)... also on the sandwich end I think Jimmy Johns is better than Thundercloud, also cheaper and they will deliver for free!

I will probably take you to my friend's bar to eat when we meet up, right near your book signing is Hut's Hamburgers which is similar to Bishop's from SLO, also nearby there is 24 Cafe which is open 24 hours and has really good food. I agree that Kerby Lane is really good as well, but not really close to where you will be. Bess Bistro is a cute restaurant that Sandra Bullock owns, that is on 6th Street as well, fabulous food!
You won't have a problem finding places to eat downtown, there are a ton of local restaurants and bars that serve food.
You can always text me if you want a quick opinion :)
Can't wait to hang out!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Irish Girl. People have different opinions from your own. Don't be so rude.

Bonnie said...

As far as art goes, there is a place in Hamilton, NJ (about 15 minutes from the Princeton B&N... it's very close to the Hamilton train station) called Grounds for Sculpture, which is kind of like a theme park for art: http://www.groundsforsculpture.org/ . There are hidden pieces of art throughout the park, but lots in plain view as well, of course. It's beautiful and definitely worth a visit if you have the time!

In the town of Princeton there is the famous PJ's Pancake House on Nassau Street. There's also the lovely Triumph Brewery a few doors down.

Someone else mentioned the Princeton Art Museum, which is nice (and free!). It's also nice to walk around on the Princeton University campus to look at the buildings (wow, are their dorms 20x better than mine ever were!).

Anonymous said...

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Kate said...

I second Grounds for Sculpture! Such a cool place.

Also, Tre Piani in Princeton is fantastic: http://www.trepiani.com/

Aliyah said...

Psyched that you're coming to Princeton! I'll be at that stop! :)

When you're in town, two places to stop are: Twist, on Nassau St. in downtown Princeton (right across from the university) has fantastic frozen yogurt and a huge topping bar with something for everyone, and it's priced per ounce so you can get just as much as you want, and Hoagie Haven, further down on Nassau Street, has delicious hoagies. I would recommend eating in downtown Princeton, not at Market Fair (the mall where the Barnes and Noble you're visiting is); the food court there is not very good.

As for art, I agree with everyone who suggested Grounds for Sculpture! Not sure how much time you have, but if you can make it up to New Brunswick (about 30 minutes north on Rt. 1), there is the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers which always has interesting exhibits (though I'm not sure what is there at the moment). http://www.zimmerlimuseum.rutgers.edu/

Anonymous said...

Check out the Orange Show and beer can house in Houston. Very cool, kindof hard to find but worth the trip.


Anonymous said...

Austin Texas 6th St. Can't go wrong

EttyOop said...

Eyes roll back in your head from goodness food in Miami: Michael's Genuine. Food is my thing. Trust me. Believe me. Google it and check out the menu. How good everything sounds? It's actually a million times better.

Can't wait to make it down to hear you speak!

Anonymous said...

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