Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 Tour: FL & TX (Part 1)

I don't think I've ever flown into and out of a state in the same day, but that's what Carolyn Mackler and I did in Florida.

But between flights, we had an amazing time. The weather in Coral Gables was perfect, so we took a stroll through downtown. Instead of shopping, we chatted about the books we're each working on. We may not be co-writing these books, but we're still bouncing ideas off each other.

And then we relaxed for a few minutes before our presentation by hanging out with Judy Blume. (I told you we had a great time in Florida, right?)

The moment we announced our tour dates, other authors began telling us how much they love Books & Books. And it is a wonderful store, with an amazing cafe.

And once again, a lovely reader made my tummy very happy by bringing me donuts. They were, without any exaggerating, the best donuts I've ever had. The photo I took of them was blurry, and they didn't last long enough to take another photo, but I need to say a very special Thank You to Crissa for the delicious gift.

Crissa also posted this photo from the event:

While Carolyn and I were speaking, I didn't notice the photography books with partially nekkid ladies over my shoulder. No wonder the audience was paying such close attention!

After that event, Carolyn and I hopped on a late flight to Houston, Texas.

In the morning, we drove to every bookstore we could find, hunted around for our books, and signed them. On one hunting expedition, I heard Carolyn calling for help. She had coffee in one hand, and a stack of slowly sliding books in the other.

But before I came to her aid, I took a photo.

In the afternoon, we spoke at Blue Willow Bookshop. Every time we enter a store and see a nice display of our books, we both tilt our heads and sigh.


And then people show up, and we tell them about how we wrote The Future of Us, and we answer questions, and we autograph books, and Carolyn and I look at each other, feeling so thankful for all of our readers.


And then, at the bookstore we found on the way to the airport, she got me back.

On to Austin!


Miranda Hardy said...

That was a quick trip to Florida. Love the pictures. So glad you made it to the south. It sure brightened our day. My daughter is devouring your books.

Sabrina Steyling said...

LOL I'm glad Carolyn got you back for that photo you took! You two are too much!

Let me get this straight, though - nobody brought you doughnuts when you came to New Jersey? I'll have to remember that if and when you visit us again. I'll make sure you have doughnuts the second time around!! :)