Monday, October 17, 2011

Book Tour 2011: Seattle

On the way to catch my flight in the Portland airport, I noticed a great display of original Looney Tunes art. One drawing in particular caught my attention because of its relation to Josh's character in The Future of Us, which (in case I haven't told you lately) I can't wait for you to read!

My hotel room in Seattle, similar to yesterday's hotel, was full of books autographed by authors who had previously stayed there. But this hotel, unlike the other one, also had very funky robes in the closet.

There was a special guest on this leg of the tour, and while she apparently had the same robes in her room, she (for some reason) didn't think of photographing herself in one. Carolyn Mackler flew out from NYC so we could visit the Amazon headquarters...

...and film a video that should be posted on their website soon (I'm sure you all know the address).

After grabbing lunch with local author Kristin Halbrook and coffee with Cat Patrick (where I got an advance copy of her next awesome book!), it was off to the Greenwood Public Library for the main event! (Thanks, University Book Store, for handling the book sales.)

Kristin and Cat were both in the audience, along with my very special co-author. But few people knew Carolyn was also in the audience until near the end of my presentation when I began speaking about our book and introduced her. Then she walked up front (to great applause) to continue the presentation with me, and we each finished about a dozen of the other person's sentences.

Next stop (by myself)...Cincinnati!


Cat Patrick said...

Yahoo! So great to see you!

Sabrina Steyling said...

Love the robe, Jay ^_^ Good to know you're having fun on your book tour! :)

Lori Carossino said...

My students loved meeting you and Carolyn. (That's us in the front row of your photo.)

But Cat Patrick was there too and we missed her? Aaack! We love Cat Patrick, too. My copy of Forgotten is flying around our middle school. The kids will be bummed to know we bumped into her and didn't even know it. Clearly we need to start studying author photos. :)