Sunday, October 16, 2011

Book Tour 2011: Portland

My flight up to Portland was a bit rocky, but it's hard to mind (too much) with views like this...

When I got to my hotel room, there was a copy of Thirteen Reasons Why on the table for me to sign. The Heathman Hotel has a library of books signed by authors who've stayed there. With over 2,000 autographed books that guests can check out during their stay, I added one more.

I went out to brunch with my niece, nephew, and sissy-in-law (Genevieve, Ellory, and Gypsy), then chilled out at the hotel for a few minutes before my first stop on the book tour, Powell's in Beaverton. If you weren't able to make it, shame on you! But...I did sign a bunch of books before I left, so go grab one.

It was a very fun crowd, and they asked great questions (a couple questioners even got an advance reading copy of The Future of Us), which made it a perfect event for my family to attend. Every time the audience laughed, I wanted to turn to my family and say, "Did you see that? They think I'm funny!"

But I played it cool.

As a special bonus, though I was far away from home, one of my friends from high school came out to the event. Great seeing you again, Ron!

This was a wonderful way to kick-off the tour.

You're next, Seattle!

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kaylaleebugg said...

i really wish i could be in seattle tomorrow, but my mom refuses to go with me and I am no good driving in seattle 5 oclock traffic. =( come to auburn! it's not too far away!