Thursday, May 27, 2010

Getty Done!

I'm now officially done with speaking gigs until the end of September and will be hibernating throughout the summer. My last school visit took place in Anaheim, CA at Gilbert South High School, which was the perfect visit to close out a busy couple of months.

But I headed down to southern California a day early to visit The Getty Museum for the second time. Architecture and landscaping aren't forms of art that usually impresses me. But this place is unbelievable!

Whether taking a panoramic shot or close-ups, the whole place is beautiful.

This painting of a playful cupid was JoanMarie's favorite when we visited The Getty for the first time.

This time, I found a painting of cupid kicking some major butt!

At the top of that same painting is an angel. I was completely mesmerized by the way it appears to be both leaping and flying (which is what it feels like whenever I fly in my dreams).

But the next day was the main attraction! Gilbert South H.S. used Thirteen Reasons Why for its first One Book One School program, and when I came into the library, the whole place was decorated around my book.

Almost everyone who came to hear me speak had read my book, which always makes it more enjoyable for everyone...including me!

A few librarians from neighboring high schools also came to hear me speak, including writer/illustrator/librarian Tommy Kovac.

Melinda, the president of the G.S.H.S. book club, presented me with a blown-up cover of my book surrounded by hilarious and heartfelt comments from students.

This school visit was especially fun because it was arranged by Jennifer! I was arranged by Mrs. H.

Mrs. H and I go way back. Her mom and my mom were best buds in high school. And then her mom's brother married my mom's twin. So my cousins were cousins with Mrs. H (at the time, Miss F), so Mrs. H has always felt like a kind of cousin to me.

So from Getty to Gilbert, it was a wonderful couple of days!


Candace said...

Ooooh I want to go to The Getty! I'm taking an art history class and my teaching assitant actually works there. It looks absolutely gorgeous!

Jay Asher said...

Definitely go! I plan to keep an eye on their latest exhibits and make visiting a regular habit.

DaydreamerN said...

hello, I am book bloger and my friend told me to read your book. it really helped her. she does not have an easy or fun life. and I think your book helped show her to just live life and not to think about the bad. so I would like to thank you. she is like a sister to me. and you helped like no else could! Thank you so much!!