Wednesday, April 07, 2010

7 More? OK!

This actually is starting to feel like election night coverage!

Coming on the heels of a win in South Carolina, Thirteen Reasons Why won the High School Sequoyah Book Award, given by students in Oklahoma.

So here's the current tally: Oklahoma holds 7 electoral college votes. Thirteen Reasons Why previously won teen book awards in Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, New Jersey, and South Carolina (27, 6, 8, 15 and 8 votes). In 2012, my first opportunity to run for President, many of the these good people who voted for my book will also be casting their first votes in a presidential election. If they still remember me by then (American voters are so easily distracted), I could have a good shot at 71 electoral votes...with only another 199 needed to win.

Thank you, Oklahoma!!!


Claire Dawn said...

Ha ha! Congratulations Jay!

Liz B said...

Just heard you'll be at the NJLA conference in April! Can't wait to see you and to say "hi"