Wednesday, December 09, 2009

"Hello, Cleveland!"

I will try my absolute hardest not to shout the title of this post at the beginning of my presentations on Friday. (In case you're scratching your head, "Hello, Cleveland!" is one of many classic lines from the movie Spinal Tap.)

This will be my first trip to Ohio, and also my final book event of the year. After speaking at two high schools during the day, I'll sign books at Joseph-Beth Booksellers at 7pm. If you're around, please stop by!

But first, if there's time after my flight arrives on Thursday, I'm hoping to swing by the A Christmas Story house. I actually saw A Christmas Story this Tuesday night at the Fremont theater. (You may know that theater as the inspiration for the Crestmont theater in my book.) The older I get, I swear, the funnier that movie gets!

Speaking of Christmas houses...

I'm reading a non-fiction book right now by Hank Stuever called Tinsel: A Search for America's Christmas Present. One of the families Mr. Stuever follows for three Christmases in Frisco, Texas is the Trykoski family. Every holiday season, they set up an insane light display on their house and in their yard. When people drive by, they tune their radios to a certain station, and the lights put on a show to the music.

Check it out:


AmandaHewer said...


Wow. We have a house near us that goes all-out, and puts up thousands of lights and figures and stuff, but nothing like that.


Jay Asher said...

Photo coming soon...but I got to swing by the A Christmas Story house!!!

Aaron D. said...

Huh, that Christmas light thing is cool.

I was one of the students from Coshocton High viewing the presentation. (And now that I've seen the presentation, I'm kind of glad I got to watch that instead of going to Social Studies!)