Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Countdown to Christmas

The Christmas season doesn't begin around here until we take a trip to Holloway's, the neighborhood Christmas tree farm. Even though we weren't ready to bring a tree home yet, my sissy-in-law Louise was visiting so we decided to head on over anyway.

JoanMarie still can't walk long distances, but we did take a stroll through the trees. And that's all it took to totally get us in the spirit.

With hot cider in hand...

...and popcorn in mouth...

...does it get any better?

Of course it does! Just grab a chainsaw while being pulled by a tractor along a bumpy road and let the fun begin.

Last year, I don't remember Holloway's having this two-person spinning swing.

Of course, JoanMarie will have to wait until next year to ride the swing, but at least we didn't have to play rock-paper-scissors to find out who would take the photos.

Did I mention that Louise went to a circus school? Yeah, well, she did. And it's amazing how many times a year those skills can be used.

Later this week...the cheesy hometown Christmas parade!


Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing the pictures! I'd love to take a ride on that swing! :)

AmandaHewer said...

That looks so fun! lol
Next year for Joan Marie =]

The Book Owl said...

Fun pictures! Looks like a blast.