Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Teens Know Best

On my first trip to Minnesota, I spoke at a college. Second trip, I spoke at a library. Most recently, this past weekend, I spoke in a church. (Being an author is so weird.)

This visit was part of their Teens Knows Best author series. If you live anywhere near the Twin Cities, you must check out their upcoming YA authors: Steve Brezenoff, Lauren Myracle, Jordan Sonnenblick, Neal Shusterman, Andrea Cremer, Tamora Pierce, and Barry Lyga.

The view from the stage is always great. What's not to love? Everyone in the audience is there to hear me talk about writing! (Even when only four or five people show up, it's still fun.) But sometimes the location itself provides an inspiring view.

Speaking from a pulpit for the first time, it would've been cool if I'd thought to wear a flowing white robe, but I just went with my traditional Author Attire.

Addendum Books in St. Paul (a children's and YA bookstore!) provided the books for my signing.

They also brought a lampshade for me to sign, which had already been signed by several other authors. Why a lampshade? Because it looks cool when lit up in their store, and also lends itself to a very cool metaphor.

Of course, as a huge Charles Schulz and Peanuts fan, being in the Twin Cities is a time to reflect on the man's awesomeness and influence on me. Sparky (that's what his friends and wannabe friends...like me...call him) was born in Minneapolis and raised in St. Paul, and there are reminders of him throughout the area. For example, in the airport you can find the World War I Flying Ace himself!

(Mr. Schulz passed away 13 years ago today.
A moment of silence, please...)

Minnesota was also a place I got to have some fun with another creative project I've been working on. In fact, it's something I began working on in junior high. And if this thing comes together like I hope it does, I can't wait to tell you all about it very soon!

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Sabrina Steyling said...

Very cool to see a picture of you speaking in a church! And that lampshade is a really great idea. :)