Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Favorite Bad Review

I don't (usually) mind bad reviews. I don't!


Sometimes I even love bad reviews (but not very often). That's especially true when the review is for a book I didn't write, but which some people think I did write. That can happen when there's another author named Jay Asher. It's even more likely to happen when Goodreads tells people that the same Jay Asher who wrote Thirteen Reasons Why and co-wrote The Future of Us also wrote Love in Progress.

(He didn't.)

Here's my favorite review of the other Mr. Asher's book:
Not Jay Asher's best work. It felt sloppy and full of typo's. I don't know if this was released before 13 reasons why, but it felt a lot looser in terms of writing and story arc. I know he was trying to broach the subject of lesbianism, but I feel like he fell flat of the mark somewhat, as I kept imagining Jane as a male, not a female. A lesbian still thinks like a female, and I think that is the mistake Jay makes - her thoughts are frank and non-descriptive (although, kudos for researching some labels, though I doubt lesbians who describe themselves as Butch would care). Sorry Jay, I still love your other books.
That final sentence makes the entire mix-up (mostly) worth it!


Janie said...

The good ol' antithesis!

Caprica-Lex said...

So... There's a third Jay Asher writing books? Or is the "Going Pro with Logic Pro 9"-guy now into lesbian romance novels?

Jay Asher said...

Yep. There's a third! (And they're only up to Logic Pro 8. But I do hope they make a sequel!)

Anonymous said...

Will the real Jay Asher please stand up? Lol
really though, when are you going go release a new book. Your two books 13 reasons why and the future of us is what made me start reading books again. I hadn't read a book since I graduated high school in 1998.,