Monday, September 27, 2010

Books are Hot

Yes, reading is sexy, but that's not what I mean by Books are Hot. Yesterday, at the West Hollywood Book Fair, the books were hot because the sun was scorchin'! My car said the temperature reached 106-degrees, and I believe it because I saw a few books that were actually warping.


And yet the book fair was a blast. My day began with an interview on the Teen Stage conducted by teen blogger extraordinaire, Ashley Thompson.

Ashley and her family drove all the way from Oregon so she could interview three YA authors. And she did a great job! Me? I did alright with my answers, but like I said, it was hot. At one point, mid-answer, I had to admit that the cold lemonade I was sipping wasn't keeping my brain cool and I totally forgot the question. But the interviewer was a pro and calmly repeated it for me.

Thanks, Ashley!

The interview was followed by a book signing with Gayle Brandeis and Stuart Gibbs. I even got to meet Gayle's son...Asher! (Cool name, dude.)

Then I roamed over to the LAYA's booth. They're a group of L.A.-based YA writers and I'm always jealous that I live a bit too far to call myself a LAYA. A few of their members which I ran into that day include Katie Alender...

Francesca Lia Block...

Carol Snow...

and Alexa Young.

Hot Author Disclaimer: I apologize to anyone I may have sweat upon. But trust me, some of you sweat upon me, too!


Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Looks like you had a great time at the book fair! I'm here in Cali too, and the heat has been insane! And wow, I bet Ashley had a wonderful time, what a drive!

Little Willow said...

Very cool, Ashley!

Happy early birthday, Jay!

Sally Nemeth said...

Great to meet you at the LAYA booth, and yes, Ashley was AMAZING.

K. M. Walton said...

Oh man, being super hot like that sucks the energy right out of me. But it looks like you had a great day anyway. IN YOUR FACE thermometer!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,

I just finished reading Thirteen reasons why" in swedish, and what an AMAZING journey! So different from everything else I've ever read (in an awesome way, of course). I (and very soon also my readers when I've published my blog review) am wondering: Are you working on something new?

Best wishes,
Malin Johansson

Katie Alender said...

I think it was decided among the boothfolk that you can be an honorary LAYA!