Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Central Coast Writers' Conference

This Friday and Saturday is the 26th Annual Central Coast Writers' Conference. This conference was my very first step toward taking myself seriously as a writer.

Here are my internal thoughts before registering for my first Central Coast Writers' Conference:

What in the world am I doing? If I do this, it's letting everyone know that I really want to be a published author. Who am I to think I'll ever write anything publishable? Everyone's gonna laugh at me!

Forget it. I don't need this! I can get published without anyone giving me tips on improving my craft. I don't need anyone's advice on getting ahead in the publishing world. I'm a self-made writer!

Okay, now I'm just lying to myself.

Just do it. Do it!

I did it.

But now I'm afraid to actually show up.

Whatever's keeping you from taking that first step, get over it!

I'll be there, giving a brief Local Success Story speech. Kathleen Duey will be there. Nathan Bransford will be there. A bunch of other writers and publishing people will be there.

And you? I hope to see you there, too.

1 comment:

Claire Dawn said...

Oh, enjoy! I really want to get to a conference. Some day. :)