Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Face is Blushing

When my niece and nephew were here last week, we searched my bookshelves for something to read together. I told them the premise of Caroline B. Cooney’s The Face on the Milk Carton: One day at lunch, a 15-year-old girl looks at the back of a milk carton and recognizes the little girl who was abducted twelve years ago. It’s her!

My wife and I had read the entire 4-part series to each other, so I knew it would keep their interest. It’s suspenseful, has great storylines, and while it is YA, there wasn’t anything inappropriate for their ages (10 and 13).

Genevieve and Ellory were intrigued, but we didn’t get very far into the story before their California trip was over. But while I sat with them in the airport, waiting for their flight to board, we pulled out the book to read a few more chapters.

So embarrassing.

See, airports are busy. People stand crammed close together. Eavesdropping is inevitable.

Chapter 5 began…

The kiss was long.

“Does it really say that?” Ellory asked.

I started over.

The kiss was long.
And serious.

Genevieve began laughing. I began blushing. Genevieve laughed even more. Ellory egged me on. “You have to keep going!”

Serious like my hair, thought Janie. She stared amazed at Reeve’s cheek, which was pressed against hers, and with amazement brought her lips together to kiss him again--to start the second kiss, and to choose when to end it.

The people standing around were refusing to look at me or what I was reading, but I just knew they were listening and judging whether or not I was a fit guardian.

She could feel his heart racing and then felt her own pick up speed and run with his.

Thankfully, Reeve’s mom calls him indoors two paragraphs later. And then the people around us walked away.

Next time, everyone brings their own books!


Steph Bowe said...

I don't use this word often or lightly, so you should feel honoured:


Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

That was awesome! :)

I haven't heard of that book. I may pick it up now. And when I get to that point I'll remember you and your niece and nephew! :)

Brandi. said...

You know, I've never read those books... I have one of them, but...

Anonymous said...

The Face on the Milk Carton was our second book challenge at North Polk this year! After yours of course! Won them both!

SRH said...

But you kept them occupied while they were waiting at the airport and additionally continued to spike their interest in READING.

Built into your heart.


Jay Asher said...

It's a very cool series with all sorts of interesting twists and turns. And I've got all four books autographed by Ms. Cooney!!!

The only part my niece and nephew were confused about was why they used to put the faces of missing children on milk cartons. Or maybe they still do in some places?

Melanie said...

That's just hilarious! People are SO nosy. :D

Molly O'Neill said...

I adored those books as a teen! Read 'em over and over and over & never got tired of the suspense. I was never quite sure what I thought of the final one that came out so much later, though...

tammi said...

Very scandalous, Jay Asher.

Anonymous said...

Jay Asher,

My friend is a writer and would really like for you to check out his story so far. You are his idol and it would mean a lot to him.

Thank you,


Caprica-Lex said...

That SO reminds me of this classic Monty Python sketch where Eric Idle plays a storyteller reading from a fairy tale book. You can check it out here on Youtube:

Linda Jacobs said...

I saw many of my students reading your book so I picked it up last week. I started it yesterday and can't put it down! Damn, it's good! Thank you!