Sunday, June 21, 2009

Still Runnin'

We didn't take many photos on Wednesday or Thursday of my niece and nephew's visit. While we had a ton o' fun, places like The Great American Melodrama and movie theaters just don't appreciate flash photography.

But Saturday was all about the great outdoors!

We started the day bright and early, participating in a 3-mile "fun run" to benefit the YMCA. My brother organized the event, so he didn't get to run. But JoanMarie, my mom, Genevieve, Ellory, and I did. (JoanMarie's taking this photo...but I think you can see her in my mom's sunglasses!)

While JoanMarie and my mom ran the whole thing really fast, the rest of us concentrated on the first syllable in "fun run".

Then we calmed down and centered ourselves by walking a very cool stone labyrinth.

But Ellory and I couldn't stay centered for too long, so we staged a mock battle in the trees.

Feeding farm animals has never been my idea of fun. But watching Genevieve and Ellory feed the beasts at Avila Valley Barn, I could've stayed there at least another hour.

When you have relatives visiting from Oregon, you hope to show them a stereotypical California beach day. But the weather was a tad cold and windy. Fortunately, paddleball's always fun!

For Sunday, thankfully, we've scheduled a little more time indoors. Too much fresh air makes me woozy!


Wild About Words said...

Glad you're having fun with the family!

Jay Asher said...

Yes, we had so much fun!

And now I'm catching up on sleep...