Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Are You Paying Attention, Hollywood?

Here are a couple more of my favorite reader-created book trailers for Thirteen Reasons Why.

As you can see, it's all about selecting the right images.

Actually, maybe it's about selecting the right music.

Or editing! Maybe it's about the editing.

Well, whatever it's about...I like 'em!


Kat Heckenbach said...

Oh. Wow. These are amazing. I want to make a comment that does justice to these, but I just can't. Perfect song choices and images for both of them.

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

I loved them both. It's like a soft version and a hard version only they both have the same impact.

Nicely done.

Amanda Hewer said...

I like the 2nd one. =]

The Dark Side Productions Series said...

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just making it just for fun!
Thanks again!

Joan said...

I vote for the b&w one. Interesting new covers for 13RW! The US cover is still the best.

Our new principal read the article about your visit. He is a Longview native and follows what goes on in LV.

I read the galley of Angry Management by CC. In fact, he had it bound and signed it. You will really like the 3 novellas.

Jay Asher said...

It is so cool and inspiring and absolutely amazing to know people cared enough about 13RW to create their own works of art based on it. It just boggles my mind every time I see a new trailer posted.

And I can't wait to see what you do next, Genoveva!

Joan, I just saw Angry Management in the bookstore today. I am so glad to see that the new stories use some of my favorite characters from his earlier books!

Anonymous said...

I love the second one. Never Too Late by Three Dyas Grace was a good choice for it.

Anonymous said...

love the 2nd one! can't wait to see their series!!!

HomeAlone said...

I saw one of Genoveva's other versions on YouTube, today. Genoveva you are doing fantastic artwork.

I want to say to Jay that I am in awe of how your book is such a positive, creative influence to so many. I would have never have dreamed this.

Okay, i am 58 years old. I was in the library on July 2nd looking for a book. I picked up 13RW, never heard of it before, saw a few words on the jacket 'suspense' being one of them and I checked it out. Not until I got home did I notice 'suicide'. I read the book in two days and I hope beyond hope there is a movie made (altho I would like to see more kids read). Without saying much more; Jay, inspite of my age, I related to this book. I remember my high school days well. I believe this is not just for teens.

Thanks for writing this book.

Andrea KoƟmann said...

Hello Jay Asher,

no Trailer, but a Videoreview from me. Of course only in german, because this is the country I come from. But perhaps you enjoy it! ;-)

Wanna take a look?


Leea said...

wow. love them both, the second is my fave :)

i tried to make trailers to your awesome book too... but x)

have a look: