Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Coffee Tastes Even Better Now!

As of today, I've distributed 31 Thirteen Reasons Why book club packets to various parts of the country. Each packet includes bookmarks, autographed bookplates, a map, a discussion guide, and an audiocassette recording of me answering whatever questions were submitted by the book club members.

And sometimes they send me packets in return!

Yesterday's goodies came from a group in Daly City, California. It included a drawing of my book cover, letters from each reader...

...and a beautiful new mug!

This mug will be helpful as I work on my next book because I sometimes get discouraged with my writing about the time I'm done with my first cup of coffee. But Brittney left an amazingly kind note in the mug...which will only be revealed when I drink the last drop.

With that kind of encouragement, I'm sure I can write for at least an extra hour per day!


Lisa Schroeder said...

That mug is the coolest thing EVAH!

Okay, maybe connecting with kids all over the country and having an impact on their lives is a tad bit cooler. :)

Anonymous said...

Daly City, CA - where's that Jay?
My hometown - you're really getting around (and I didn't even see you) - You'll have to explain this one to everyone. HA HA

Come on by for a cup of Coffee in DALY CITY.

Great watching your progress and your blog.

Aaron & Susie

Wild About Words said...


Love your cup of encouragement!


Jay Asher said...

I'm serious, coffee tastes so much better when I drink it out of this mug. Maybe it's all mental, but it's delicious!

Unknown said...

Hi Jay!!!

It's me Brittney!!! I am very glad you liked the mug, drawing and letters!!! :) I am also very happy to learn my mug s helping you write more!!

-Brittney Tabel

Jay Asher said...

Brittney, I'm actually using the mug right now. Thank you!!!

Rita said...

That mug is beyond awesome.