Monday, May 27, 2013

TFOU Week = tofu week

The novel I wrote with Carolyn Mackler, The Future of Us, takes place over a specific series of days in 1996. So we consider the week leading up to Memorial Day Weekend as TFOU Week!

Last week, I posted online that one tradition of TFOU Week is to eat a tofu dish for each day. I apologized for such a tradition, but apparently there are people who can make a yummy tofu dish.

For example: Emily!

Emily is currently a sophomore at the same high school that I attended. On Twitter, in honor of TFOU Week, she posted five days of her tofu creations:

fried tofu with mushrooms

tofu con huevo en pan

tofu omelette

tofu bbq burrito

noodles with tofu...and a book!

For being so cool, Emily will be visited by the Facebook Fairy (the mythical creature behind the shenanigans in The Future of Us), who will present her with a signed copy of the book!

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