Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Winner is...EVERYBODY

I'm sorry if the title of this post was misleading. Not everybody won my most recent contest. But to enter, you had to tell me (in some cases, it seemed more like admit to me) which artist you saw at your first concert. The randomly selected winner saw the Backstreet Boys in 1998, which is the tour featured in the video below.

Here they are, everybody, the Backstreet Boys singing Everybody.

And the winner of these seven autographed YA novels...


Tara Lenhoff

Congratulations, Tara! To let us know where to send your books, email a shipping address to, the working email address of a character in The Future of Us. None of your books were pre-signed, so if you want to give any as gifts, let us know who each book should be made out to. And if they should all be personalized to you, that's great, too! (Personally, that's what I would do. But I'm selfish like that!)

And thank you, Kristina McBride, Elizabeth Scott, Jennifer Bosworth, and Cat Patrick, for donating  copies of your amazing novels to this contest.

If you entered but didn't win this contest, I urge you to read every one of the books pictured above. When you do, there's no need to email me your thoughts because I'll respond to you right now: You're welcome.


Unknown said...

read 13 Reasons Why. and I think Hannah Baker didn't die. hahahhaha :)

AmandaHewer said...