Monday, December 26, 2011

Fisher-Face Toys

Slightly lopsided toothless grins are cute. Add a dimple, and it's adorable!

Am I talking about a certain one-year-old boy in my life? No. (But yes, his smiles are very adorable!) I'm talking about a few of that one-year-old's toys. Fisher-Price must've poured a lot of time and money into identifying the most inviting and playful smile, because that smile is plastered on all of their plastic faces.

This discovery was made by my wife while helping Isaiah open his second Fisher-Price Christmas gift.

Since these toys are for newborns and toddlers, I'm assuming that red dot on the cheek is a dimple and not a pimple. (For any of you reading this who have dimples, do you ever get pimples inside your dimples? If so, does it pinch when you smile? Just curious.)

Whether it's a caterpillar, a dog, the sun, or a music note, they all have the same smile.

It's cute. It's charming. And it's also a little creepy.

So now, whenever I see a person with a slightly lopsided toothless grin, I'm going to say, "Ah... Look at that Fisher-Face!"


Sabrina Steyling said...

That IS cute and a little creepy! Notice how all of the noses on the faces are the same oval shaped, too. So in a way it's like one big continuous clone...which is REALLY creepy! @_@

Cherie Colyer said...

I never noticed that about Fisher Price toys (the smile or the nose). Interesting how cute can be creepy.