Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Drive-In Movie & Selena Gomez Concert

Every summer, JoanMarie and I get to have our niece and nephew stay with us for a week. It rains a lot where they live, so we pack the week with activities designed to ensure they'll want to return to The Golden State year after year. We always take a trip to the waterslides and camp for a few days, but we also like to mix things up. This year, Isaiah was a big addition to the mix. Seeing him play with his cousins has been so much fun!

On their first night in town, we saw Zoo Keeper at Sunset Drive-In.

I don't know who came to the movie in a limo, but that's not a bad idea for next year!

Not to brag, but I think I'm a fairly cool uncle. Still, it's nice to impress my niece and nephew every so often. For that reason, it would've been awesome had they been in the snackbar when three readers who love Thirteen Reasons Why recognized me. Thankfully, Hannah Lee, Cassie Roach, and Kristina Roach wanted a photo. So I had proof!

Then came Day Two. We all went to the MidState Fair, where it's scorching hot every year. Isaiah even learned to use a straw for the first time to keep cool.

Why did we brave the heat? Because that night's main grandstand performer was Selena Gomez & The Scene. And this time, before the show began, Fairly Cool Uncle Jay showed off a bit and introduced Genevieve and Ellory to Ms. Gomez!

I've seen Selena several times, and JoanMarie met her last summer, but this was Isaiah's first time meeting her.

When people find out I know Selena (in case you're new here, she's playing Hannah in the Thirteen Reasons Why movie), the most common question I get asked is whether she's as sweet as she seems. And yes, she is. Her whole family is! When we found out JoanMarie was pregnant, the first bouquet of flowers we received was from them. So it was nice to finally introduce her family to the newest member of our family.

We brought even more family and friends backstage with us to meet Selena. My brother pulled out his camera and recorded Selena and me discussing Thirteen Reasons Why. Thankfully, the audio's not great, which is probably good. Universal Pictures would've been so upset because we accidentally slipped and revealed the actor who'll be playing Clay, which we're not allowed to talk about yet. So try not to listen too closely.

Just kidding! That's not the kind of info we'd divulge, not even accidentally.

Before we headed out to our seats, Ellory asked Selena for her autograph. And he wanted it in a place where everyone sitting around us would know he'd just met her.

The concert was packed, which always makes for a more enjoyable (and loud!) show.

My camera took horrible pictures of the concert itself. The clearest shot I got was of a big screen to the right of the stage. (For better pics, check our local newspaper's gallery.)

My favorite song on Selena's new CD is We Own the Night.

They also played her huge recent hit, Who Says.

And now, we're heading into the second half of the week. First up: waterslides!


SelenaAddicted said...

Aww I love The story. hahaha. Selena is my idol and I'm glad she is as sweet as she seems. And your baby is ADORABLE! :D Can't wait for 13 reasons why

Javid Suleymanli said...

OMG, that is cool. Your nephew met Selena Gomez?? he is so lucky!

jodi said...

so much fun! I love that Selena autographed your nephew's forehead.

Anonymous said...

I knew you'd be Uncle Extraordinaire! How great that the kids can go over and have fun with the newest addition to your family! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that this was becoming a movie. I was randomly searching things for this book, and I found your blog! I'm so excited. I'm addicted to your book, and I love Selena. Do you plan on writing anything new that's like this book? I'll be the first to buy it!

Sabrina Steyling said...

Totally, totally awesome! Love your photos :)

Dakota Valdez said...

Mr. Asher,
Th1rteen R3asons Why is my favorite book. It has help make me the person who I am today. It would be a dream to meet you and tell you all of this in person. I've read your book so many times. I'm 17 and I myself what depressed and I recently lost an old friend to suicide. I have known many people who have tried to take their lives, my old friend was the first to succeed. I know it is asking a lot, but I would love it if you emailed me.
I'm a fan of yours on your Facebook page, I know it's a lot of trouble and I understand if you don't do it but if you could, please, find me on there.
Thank you for all that you do. Your writing has touched my heart, thank you for that. Please don't stop writing. Congratulations on the movie rights, that's a huge deal.
Stay amazing. Love, Dakota Valdez, California.

Kathryn De Lo said...

That's so awesome!!!
It's so cool that they got to meet Selena!
I really loved the 13 reasons why. I read it in a day or 2. I can't wait for the movie! Selena will be awesome for the part of Hannah:)

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm from Sweden and i read your book thirteen reasons why. I'm just at the end of the book now. and I must say that it is so damn good. When I start reading I can not stop. I love the way you write. and I want the book to never end. When I read I feel like I know Hannah and Clay.
best regards Ellen. :)

Some kind of courage. said...

I just turned 18 , and I'm not much of a reader- But I love to write. Your book, 13 reasons why; opened the door of books for me. The way you write- and the way you connect, with people like us is just amazing.. I'm looking forward to your future projects. xo
Long from South Korea,
xo Hailey

Michelle said...

Hello Mr. Asher! I realize this was posted three years ago but please I need to know if the movie is still happening? I love this book so much and it changed my life thank you for such a fine piece of work.