Friday, June 10, 2011

An Evening With...

Librarians allow authors to feel like rock stars. And since I used to want to be a rock star, Thursday let me live that dream a bit.

But I almost didn't make it to my own show!

Back in California, I was supposed to wake up at 5:45am to catch the first of three flights to get into Laredo, Texas the day before my event. My phone rang at 5:15am and I was told that one of my flights was cancelled. So the airline took the liberty of rebooking me to arrive the next day...90 minutes after the event started (and since I'm not an actual rock star, that just wasn't okay). I stayed on the phone until we figured out a plan to get me there on time. I arrived much later the night before my event than I planned, especially since I had a TV interview scheduled for 6:30am (or 4:30am California time).

(My voice isn't usually that deep, but that's what I sound like with three hours of sleep. And boy, I look so energetic!)

Few things make me happier than when communities use my book to start discussions on issues that are otherwise difficult to bring up. In preparation for my visit, not only did Laredo have a discussion about Thirteen Reasons Why, they also held an anti-bully & suicide awareness rally. Students who attended both events got that ticket above for a meet-n-greet right before my public presentation.

Then the chairs started filling and it was on with the show!

This was my last school or library visit for a few months, and things definitely ended on a high note. Thank you, Laredo. You rock!

Coming up next:
Behind-the-scenes photos from my Entertainment Weekly photoshoot. On stands now! (I've always wanted to say that.)


CSBS Librarian said...

Thank you Mr. Asher for coming to Laredo and talking to our community about your book. Your book sparked a discussion and got us to view different perspectives. I wasnt able to make the evening with the author but I was so happy when one of my students told me she had gone and she was thrilled that she did. What you said impacted her and she was excited about getting a pic with you and having her book signed. Thank you for doing this for our teens.

Cristina Vidaurri,
Libratian at Colonel Santos Benavides School

Jay Asher said...

My pleasure, Cristina. The students who attended my presentation were great. I had so much fun talking to them before, during, and after my speech. I'd love to go back there someday!

YA Book Queen said...

That is such a cool author event ticket...Very smart!

Glad you ended up making it on time :)