Thursday, June 02, 2011

Don't Forget This Contest

The official release date of Forgotten by Cat Patrick is June 7th, but it's already popping up around the country. I guess booksellers can't wait for you to read this story! A quote on the back cover says "Forgotten is a mind-bending experience that I devoured in one sitting. Cat Patrick's exciting and impressive debut still haunts me." Even though whoever said that (okay, it was me) probably wrote those words months ago, I bet the book still haunts him (it does).

Here's the premise of the book:

Every night, while sixteen-year-old London Lane is asleep, her memory of that day is erased. In the morning, all she can "remember" are events from her future. London is used to relying on reminder notes and a trusted friend to get through the day, but things get complicated when a new boy at school enters the picture. Luke Henry is not someone you'd easily forget, yet try as she might, London can't find him in her memories of things to come.

When London starts experiencing disturbing flashbacks, or flash-forwards, as the case may be, she realizes it's time to learn about the past she keeps forgetting—before it destroys her future.

To celebrate the release of Forgotten, I'm giving away a copy of Cat's book, along with:

  • an autographed paperback edition of Thirteen Reasons Why (which comes out June 20th, and includes an excerpt from The Future of Us)
  • a Ramona and Beezus display autographed by Selena Gomez (connections, baby!)
  • a c.d. of Crash by Dave Matthews Band (which is mentioned in The Future of Us)
  • an autographed c.d. of JoanMarie's In This World (JoanMarie is my wife and I play guitar on most of the again, connections!)
  • a Butterfinger bar and Mild Duds (because no movie is complete without Milk Duds...and the film rights to Forgotten have already sold to Paramount, with True Grit star Hailee Steinfeld set to play London!)

To enter, all you need to do is leave some info in the comments section of this post by midnight (PST) on Monday, June 6. Simply tell me your name and two things you always seem to forget. For example:

to check the oil level in my car
to take out the trash before I get into bed

After entering, check back on Tuesday to see if you've won. There's no need to leave your email because I'll tell you how to send me your mailing address when I announce the winner.

Good luck...and don't forget to check back!



Lisa Dunick said...

oooh- That sounds great.
I always forget 1) where I put my keys and 2) people's names.

GamerX said...

Charlene Theogene
Where i left my flashdrive
Where i put my homework

Amy Mueller said...

* count calories of donuts and chocolate milk each day (yeah, it's 'forgetting')
*send out Christmas cards. EVERY. YEAR.

Freaky said...

I'm seriously excited to read this book.
Also, I always forget 1) Where I put the duct tape and 2) Where I "put away" (More like hid) my husbands various tools when he leaves them out...
Oh I have a third one, Just going to tack it on there for fun. Its, Where the double A batteries are.

Anonymous said...

Thanh Wroblewski

1). To lock my doors (I grew up in the country, but now I live in the city).

2). Where I parked my car.

I see a recurring theme here.

Freaky said...

^^ Forgot to put my name, Its Katrina Wheeler

Chandler Craig said...

Chandler Craig
1) To write thank you notes! (oh, the shame!)
2)to wear my retainer--well, too late now

Lynsey Newton said...

WOW, another book that comes out on my birthday! I read an early copy of this and loved it :)

My boyfriend says I tend to forget about him when I'm on Twitter but I respute that! I tend to forget what's on the bookshelves and what I've preordered. A couple of times I've ended up with multiple copies of books that I'd forgotten I'd already ordered!

Thanks for the contest :)

Anonymous said...

Petra I
- anybody's birthday/anniversary
- where my glasses are until I walk by a mirror and realize they're on my head :-)

Caprica-Lex said...

Rene Kissien

- to buy the groceries I need to cook the things I want to cook
- to charge my cellphone befor the battery dies

Linda (Cat) said...

Sounds awesome! and ooh fun!

Linda Cat
1. to charge my cell phone before it dies.
2. my french homework. (something about french. It's so darn forget-able!)

Tracy Michelle said...

1. phone numbers
2. people's names

Maddie L said...

I always forget to finish my homework (instead I read blogs) and where I left my book I'm reading (or books).

Robin Reul said...

Where I left my sunglasses (often found on top of my head)
Whether or not I closed the garage door (after driving two streets away, usually when running late)

Anonymous said...

Brian Peace
People's names
What I was going downstairs for.

Sara said...

Sara Davis

~an item on my list at the grocery store (you would think the list solves this problem. No.)
~To floss.

Anonymous said...

1. The distance that each of my firearms can actually shoot (with accuracy, of course)
2. How to get to where I'm going and then back to where I began

Reverie said...

I forget my keys and always ALWAYS forgot to do my HW.

Anita Saxena said...

Anita Saxena
1. Clean the litter box before I take a shower
2. Where I put my cell phone and keys

Nina Laden said...

Nina Laden
I forget to:
1) workout
2) drink water

Yeah, I know that's not good. Sometimes I remember. It's a good thing I walk a lot and drink coffee, juice and wine.

Eli said...

Eli O.
1) To check Blackboard when I'm taking an online class
2) To update the weekly agenda on the whiteboard in my classroom.

Pablo Petterson said...

1)forget to wash my underwear:/
2)I forgot the bathroom door open to take a shower

Devan @ Book Strings said...

Devan Bridget

I always forget people's names and where I put electrical chargers for things like my phone, Nook, computer, etc.

Bruno said...

Bruno Medeiros

The way to school - is so strange because it's the same every day but there is always something that distract me. Always.

The story of books - is a little bit strange too, because I am a book reviewer, but when someone ask me: "What this book is about?" I think: "OMG OMG, I DONT REMEMBER, FUCK" but I answer"Its cool, I know you'll love"

Yeah, I am strange!

Sabrina Steyling said...

Sabrina Steyling
I forget:
- to update my website
- people's names (I used to be good at remembering but now...not so much)

Venessa Ricardez said...

yum... Milk Duds! I keep forgetting
1) to set aside some "me" time
2) to take something out for dinner

Mary said...

Mary Short
to turn off the lights when I leave a room
to bring my purse with me when I leave the house

Anonymous said...

Kristin Liu
My wallet--it's always in my bag when I need it at school and in my backpack when I'm out and about.
Cell phone/keys--always have to walk around my teeny-tiny dorm ten times to find them. :/ Haha!

Anonymous said...

Niki Moss
I am always forgetting...
1) To go through my child's backpack every single night.
2) To take things out of my pockets BEFORE I wash my jeans. (Ugh, I hate picking tiny pieces of receipt out of the dryer.)

Sarah P. said...

Sarah Perry

I always forget:
1. Where my keys went
2. Where my sanity is on those hectic mommy days.

Anonymous said...

Jane Jergensen
I always forget: put gas in my car
2. to charge my cell phone

SGotR said...

and I always seem to forget
1) to bring my Dunkin Donuts coffee in the house with me (and always having to go back out to the car to get it)
2) that the button to unlock the car does not also work for the front door

Lauren Morrill (Mona Mour) said...

Lauren Morrill
1- To close the bathroom door before going to work ... so then my dog scatters the trash all over the house
2- Names! Ack, I'm horrible with names...

LittleMsBookish said...

Claudine S.
I always forget...
to clean my bedroom
where I put my glasses

ruthie said...

Ruthie Tito
1; always forget to take my medication at 8pm (btw, thank you,this just reminded me to take it)
2; where i put my reading glasses >.> im blind, and i need them to see the board 5 inches alway ... how sad of me

btw; i bought the ook, the tensions opposite, page 40, and its very good. cant wait to finish it

Morgan said...

I always forget to do my homework and what page i am in a book-
Morgan Gauvin

michelle said...

Michelle Blake
1)my re-usable grocery bags at home
2)my lunch

Anonymous said...

Kelly Kopale

I always forget what I'm saying while telling a story
And my locker combination

Unknown said...

COOL Idea!

Mindy Janicke:

What I forget:
1. my age (I really do)
2. what i walked into a room for

Anonymous said...

Mariah McCroskey
I forget
1). to grab me dorm room key before I leave for class

2). to make sure I have everything I brought with me before I leave a friend's house

Genoveva said...

Genoveva Fuentes
Where i left my retainer
and where i put my glasses (hopefully not on the floor) ;)

Anonymous said...

-that it's my turn to wash the dishes
-that I'm 15 and shouldn't act like a little kid

Elaina said...

Elaina Dente
Peoples' names.
To return books on time.

mariska said...

this is fun !

i always forget
- where i put my hubby's socks
- phone numbers

Erica said...

Erica Johnson-Wanzer
1)Turn the dishwasher on before leaving the house (very noisy and I don't want to hear it while I am here) 2)send birthday cards on time, even though I make homemade cards!

Mel (He Followed Me Home) said...

Mel Boulrice
1) people's names :(
2) eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day!

Tiff said...

Name: Tiff
Things I forget:
1. I forget to mail things - snail mail seems so antiquated! Can't everything just be online?
2. I forget to pay bills - thank God for auto-pay which I started using for several things and now I don't have to remember!

Claire Dawn said...

Claire Dawn

I forget Japanese names (I work in Japan:( ) and where I put the phone book.

YA Book Queen said...

Wow, insanely amazing contest! Thank you so much! :)

1. Save my documents & music on a flashdrive
2. Check my *school* email daily (Definitely a bad habit)

Maggie said...

Maggie Hargrave
1. People's names
2. To send email's asking or telling something specific

Mandy said...

Mandy Walters
1) Where I put my shoes
2) To put the milk in the fridge after filling up my 2 year old's cup

Anonymous said...

Jasmine Penny
where i put my cell phone
to charge my laptop - its always dead whenever i turn it on and really need to use it!

Katie Ray said...

katie ray
i always forget
- to do my homework until the morning it's due
- to call someone back until like three weeks later

Steph said...

I forget my age and where I left my cell phone.

Anonymous said...

Ashelynn Hetland

1. Where I took off my shoes. I don't wear shoes inside, and we have five doors going inside and out. So... I usually forget where I took them off.
2. The day. Today I was driving and passed the church and said to myself, "It's Thursday, right? So why is everybody at the church?" Um no, it's Friday...

What a great giveaway! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sabrina Bertsch
I always forget to
1) Bring in my plates
2) Hang up my clothes

rebekah said...

1) I always forget to go to bed at a decent time (I get so interested in the book I'm reading).

2)And I tend to forget why I go into a specific room and only remember when I leave.

awesome contest, thanks

Anonymous said...

Emma Carvish
I always seem to forget:
Where I put my cell phone.
To do my homework before class starts.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey Wilson
-Whether my wallet is in my swim bag or my purse....=P (Sometimes I drive without it-Oops!)

-Where I parked the car (After swim practice, I usually can't remember whether it was parallel parked, in the parking lot by a tree, or in the parking lot not by a tree...that's why I try to park in the parking lot next to a tree. But sometimes the trees are taken....)

Nat said...

Nat Gaspan
I always forget:
1. planned reunions with my friends
2. greeting some of my relatives on their birthdays.

I'm terribe I know!;)

Astrian said...

Wow. 2 things I always forget?

1. People's names. Especially people I've only met once. Or twice.

2. I always forget things that I put in my messy room. Because it's.... well... messy.

KimiKayKristie said...

Kristie Abbott
Where I leave my phone and
of course that there is homework

Christian said...

Christian Nunez
Win or lose I will get that book if I even have to buy it, it sounds just as intriguing as your two. Can't wait for the adaptation of TRW, I wish I could audition for Clay.

What I forget:
1) My PIN number(I have no money in there anyways)
2) How to spell words, sometimes the simplest of words (like 'here' it can take me a minet<- like there how is that spelled correct, I'm sadly not joking)

A big fan and can't wait for "The Future of Us"
-Christian Nunez

P.S. To anyone reading, I send comments almost always like this.

Katie-Rebekah said...

- To do my homework
- When I last put Thirteen Reasons Why down in the middle of reading it. (I've read it 20+ times, and each time I've read the whole book without stopping!)

Anonymous said...

I always forget what I was about to say.
Wait.. what was the 2nd thing?

Jessica Tung said...

Jessica Tung. I always forget...
1. That when relationship ends, it's better to not think about the other person for a good 4 weeks instead of metaphorically drawing faces on all your pillows and ceremoniously jumping on them.

2. That when you drink iced coffee, NOT to open your mouth so wide that we choke on ice cubes.

Abigail Vandegrift said...

1.) Where I Put My Mind
2.) Where Time Went

Anna said...

Grace Radford
I always forget-
1) That one important piece of homework that my grade depends on
2)Where I've left my keys

Savannah said...

where i am going
where did i leave my notebook

Karenie Luu said...

Khanh Ngoc Luu

Where i left my phone
To clean the room

A Journey in Reading said...

1. Passwords! I have about 20 different accounts that I have to use on a daily basis. Things are fine until my job sends a pop up that its time to change the password..

2. to take my cell off vibrate when I take it out of my pocket or purse. Can't tell you how many phone calls/texts I miss because of that!

Rachel said...

1) Where I put my bookmark.
2) Where I put my school books.

Christine said...

I can't wait to read Forgotten -- sounds like an awesome read.

Christine Alemshah
To get gas before my odometer is on empty.
To take my vitamins before bed (my husband has to remind me every day!)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jay!

My name is Bridget. I typically forget to write down homework assignments (I think I credit my memory far more than it deserves), and, my personal favorite, I always forget that the clam chowder and I are NOT friends.

Tommy Wilson (a.k.a Prince T) said...

1.I always forget my chapstick :(

SRH said...

Aaron Straus

Peoples Names (comes with ago . . .)
Something at home or work and then have to run back to get it, so wind up saying the heck with it - get it next time.

Ericka S. said...

Ericka Smith
I always forget where my GSP (good safe place) is . . . and there is lots of good stuff in it. And I always forget to take my shoes off before my pants. Silly me.

Rebecca mccrave said...

Rebecca mccrave
1. To tell my mum my plans for the weekend.
2. Every year I hide my diary, in a "safe spot"
Took me 4 Years to find the last 1.

Anonymous said...

Pam Mandigo
1. I always forget my keys and
2. I always forget to put the milk back in the fridge.

Dustin M said...

Dustin McCormack
- To go to bed at a semi decent time
- To eat breakfast

Samantha said...

this be my entry comment (:

iffath said...

Iffath Ahmed

I *always* forget

1) ..where I leave my bookmark. Stupid, really, since I have like, *millions* of them!
2) ..that really awesome line that just happens to come to me, that *belongs* in a poem. <- That one I practically kick myself for! There's nothing like forgetting something that sounds really, really cool! :/


Thanks for the contest! And please enter me only if this is in'tl! (or UK..)

livelaughlove said...

Fatima Gamino
To clean the kitchen..
forget to do my homework most of the

Suzanne Loeffler said...

Suzanne Loeffler
1) To go to bed early!
2) To pack my lunch before the early morning I will pack anything I see and usually dread that choice at lunch time! LOL!

Lisa Mandina said...

Lisa Mandina, and I really want to win this book as I just blogged about wanting to read it!

When I get a block away from my house I always forget if I shut the garage door or not. I always do close it, but still sometimes I have to turn around and check because I can't remember.

During the school year, whenever I go to copy something, I always get to the copy room and realize I've forgotten something. So I get my exercise during the year going back and forth.

Flemmily said...

Emily Flemming

where I put my car keys (EVERY DAY!)
and where I took off my earrings

tyneal said...

1) to renew my books from the library
2) walk my dogs

Al said...

Alli B

I always forget

1) to put my laundry away
2)to send birthday cards!

thanks for the awesome giveaway!

monicabianca_0703 said...

Monica Bianca delos Reyes

I always forget where I put my cellphone and I always forget to do what my mom asks me to do. :D

George Anthony Kulz said...

Things I forget:
1. Whatever I need to take with me that I don't put right in FRONT of the door as I'm walking out.
2. People's names, but only minutes after I first hear them. Once it's been repeated a few times, I'm good. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Crystal Pool
To put the clothes from the washing machine into the dryer
To put DVDs back into their cases

Elizabeth Rodriguez said...

Elizabeth Rodriguez

I always forget to:

1) take my daily medications

2) mail birthday cards ahead of time

Natalie @ Book Lovers Life said...

Awesome giveaway, thanks!!
I always forget peoples names and when I go food shopping I forget something important. It happens without fail every week!!!

Kelly said...

Kelly Kosch
1. To turn the light off before I get in bed
2. Anything I don't write down!

Monica Goulet said...

Two things I always forget:
1. To wear sunscreen
2. Where I saved something on my computer

Anonymous said...

Missy Livesay

I forget where I leave my sunglasses and keys and where I leave my written notes at work.

Jen said...

Jen Pfluke
*To charge my phone
*That my downstairs neighbors hate it when I blare my music.

Diana said...

Diana Meli
Always forget-
1. To lock my front door when I leave. (even at night! I know, I'm lagging it...)
2. Whom I've already told a certain story too. (I find myself saying a story or certain happening only to be reminded- "dude, you already told me.")

Mikayla said...

Mikayla Grenon

1) to feed Lepidote-my pet gecko (Who is, surprisingly, still alive)

2) the passwords to the multitude of accounts that I have online.


Allison Barr said...

Allison Barr
I always forget to do what my parents tell me to and to feed my dogs

Perla said...

Perla Mendoza
I always forget:
1)to lock my bedroom door before leaving (baby niece enjoys causing chaos there)
2)where I left my eraser. (the ONE thing I always misplace.....)

Thanks for the giveaway! :)

Anonymous said...

Jessica JM Richards
To knock on the door before I walk in.
To take off my slippers when I go to
the car before school.

Eric's Energy Co. said...

Karin Butler
the word I was looking for
the punchline

Nikki said...

Kid 1's name
Kid 2's name

I interchange them constantly!!

Ericka S. said...

did you forget? ;)