Saturday, May 16, 2009

13RW Going On 30: A Contest

According to the most recent list, Thirteen Reasons Why has been a New York Times bestseller for 29 weeks. In other's going on 30. Woo-hoo! And if it makes it to 30, one of you will win a big ol' bag o' goodies.

Here's what you'll get with this themed prize:

  • A bookbag from the San Luis Obispo library, which is where I worked when I wrote most of Thirteen Reasons Why.
  • A signed copy of my book.
  • A copy of the audiobook, signed by me and my wife. JoanMarie performs an original song, Soul Alone, at the end of the production.
  • A t-shirt from the world's coolest publisher, Razorbill.
  • A DVD of 13 Going On 30.
  • A pound of Wild Women Blend coffee (which inspired the Hairy Chest Blend in the book) from Linnaea's Café (which inspired Monet's Garden Café).
  • Fifty Fandango Bucks, in honor of the place Hannah and Clay worked one summer.
  • The Monster at the End of this Book (starring Lovable, Furry Old Grover), which is the most suspenseful book ever written.
  • An audiocassette recording of Cassette 5: Side A, with me reading as Clay and JoanMarie reading as Hannah.
  • A booklight, because you won't be able to put down The Monster at the End of this Book even if it is past your bedtime.
  • A Buffalo Tom c.d. which includes the song Larry. I listened to that song over and over while writing the final two pages.
  • Strawberry lipgloss, in honor of Clay's first kiss.

For a chance to win, all you've gotta do is leave your name in the comments section of this post between now and Saturday. Every name will go in a bag and one will be drawn at random. Come back on May 24th to find out if you've won.

Good luck!

And thank you!!!

RULES CLARIFICATION: Leaving an e-mail, MySpace, or blog address will make it much easier and quicker to contact you. But if you simply leave your name, you are still entered. Just make sure to come back on May 24th to see if you've won and we'll figure it out from there. And yes, people who live in another country can play, too!


Abigail Landers said...

Abigail Landers

Email adress, I dont know how you would get a hold of me.

Andrea Koßmann said...

I am from germany. Is it possible to be a part of this game, too? If yes, here ist my name:

Andrea Koßmann

Great Idea!!
Nice Weekend,

ayla said...

this is a great idea. <3 my name's ayla and my myspace is linked above.

Steph Bowe said...

oh oh oh!! what a fantastic competition!!

I'm in Australia.

Steph Bowe

I hope it does make it to 30 weeks! Congratulations!

Kimberly Rose Wineinger said...

It will definately make it to 30 weeks, i've recommended it to so many of my friends and they all loved it.

i've read it twice myself.

Kimberly Wineinger

good luck to everyone.

Ann Finkelstein said...

Ann Finkelstein

Unknown said...

I remember when you came to our school to speak about T1rteen R3asons Why. I decided that there was no harm in attempting to win the epic bag o' amazingness.


Unknown said...

Taylor Foster

Email is

I love this idea and that book!!

megan. said...

i love it.
megan pease

Cheryl said...

Cheryl Smith

Liyana said...

That is GREAT! Congratulations! I'm glad that there are loads of other people out there who love TRW as much as I do. :D

kelly (anam cara) said...

you are an AMAZING author!
my name is kelly

Drea said...

Drea (dreasowersATgmailDOTcom)

Ann-Frances said...

My name is Ann-Frances. :)

I love the movie 13 going on 30. :P I hope Thirteen Reasons Why makes it to the 30ith week. That would be amazing. When you won The Florida Teens Read, that totally made my day. :))))

Kaitlynn Noel Stogsdill said...

I'm Kaity Noel Stogsdill. This so awesome. I never win drawings but I thought it couldnt hurt to try. I'm pumped. I'll ne checking back here but if I do win and need to be reached I'm your friend on myspace. [=

Lilium said...

Evette Champion

Ashley said...

Ashley Combs

I don't know how you are going to get a hold of the winner but my email is I am also one of your friends on myspace.

Mandi said...

Mandi Antieau


Anonymous said...

savannah porter!

Sarah. said...

Sarah Wolfe.

And here's my email, otherwise you wouldn't be able to get a hold of me.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Stevens

I'm so glad 13RW made it to 30! I've read the book three times and I had to make my friend take it away form me becasue it has greatly affected my life. This book made me look at my life in a way I never have. Thank you very much.

Asia said...

i honestly thought this book was brillant.

Asia Rogers

Anonymous said...

Here's to 13 going on 300!

Please enter me for your goodie bag giveaway.

J.L. Finnell

Ibby said...

Ibby Han,

Angie said...

Oooh. Love your book. And, guiltily, love that movie. Please enter me in the contest!

Anonymous said...

Liz Flair

The Book Girl said...

Renee Combs

This book looks so incredibly intense! I very much want to read it :-x Congrats on going on 30 weeks!

Anonymous said...

Katy Norman

brandon sloan said...

Brandon Sloan

Anonymous said...

Linda Skeers

Should I give you 13 reasons why I want to win?

A Lil Sumpin' Sumpin' said...

Elizabeth Dunn-Ruiz


Kimma-La said...

Kimma Barger

Kayla said...


you are amazing!

Amber said...

Wow, this is awesome! Congrats to your book getting closer to 30! It's well deserved!

K. M. Walton said...

K.M. Walton

Congrats on the 30 weeks, Jay. Way cool!

Unknown said...

I have read the book once and am on it a second time =)

Jessica Howard

Amanda Henderson said...

Amanda Henderson

great idea jay!

michelleann said...

Hi my name is Michelle Voorhees.
I love this book, and Jay. I can't wait for him to put out another one.

Minotoche said...

Celina Solis
congrats on the 30 weeks, that book IS amazing!

angiesneakypie said...

I like new and cool sounding words too--so I make up little phrases.
Here is one--when someone does something great--they are an "awesome blossom" or the thing can be that too--it all works!
Take Care,
Angie Vogelman
YA Librarian
Newton Public Library
Newton, Ks
**ps--if I win this-- I will give it away @ Summer Reading Program-tnx

Unknown said...

Aimee Schneider

Megz said...

Meigan Montoya


my myspace is linked in my name. You're one of my friends.

Casey Something said...

Casey McCormick

Hannah said...

13 Reasons Why was absolutely amazing. I loved it.

My Name: Hannah

Anonymous said...

Hey, I wanna win a big bag o' stuff. :)

Jordan said...

What an amazing book!! Of COURSE it will get to 30 weeks.

Jordan Lawrence


**crosses fingers**

AmandaHewer said...

Amanda Hewer

hahahadas said...

Love the book love love love it. I hope it makes it to the 30th week!


Summer said...

Good luck! I hope you make it!

Abbeehh! said...

Abigail Garcia
Msg me on myspace
my email

Christie Shafer said...

Christie Shafer

The absolute best book I have read in all my 33 years and praying for another!!


Ashlyn Rae said...

Am I too late? I hope not! Just leave a comment on my blog in case I win. ;)

Ashlyn Rae said...

Okay, well I just commented and I was so dumb.. I forgot to leave my blog address:

I hope I win!

Also, GREAT book.

Unknown said...

Jenny Thorson

Flemmily said...

Methinks this might be a ploy to find out exactly who lurks on your blog.

If so, I take my hat off to you. Good play, sir.


Vickie said...

Vickie Arvello

annie said...


Melanie said...

This is a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity. My email address is

brittany ray said...

brittany ray!!!!!

i LOVE this book it's hands down my fav!!!

~Erin~ said...

Cool idea! I just finished reading the book and I thought that it was incredible!


Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

I would love to win!

I read your book quite a while ago and will NEVER forget it.

It was amazing in so many ways words can not express.

If I were to win, I will be sharing your book with as many people as I can. I read it on my Kindle so I can only tell others how much I liked it. :)

Congrats on your success! It's very much deserved!


Nikki said...

Nicole Golphenee

Olivia said...

Olivia Dalton

Holly said...

Holly Judge

i seriously could not put your book down. its amazing.

Sunnie said...

Sunnie Prevette
my myspace link is:

StinkyLulu said...

Brian H

Unknown said...

Cool, cool contest!

Beth Revis

Thao said...

Congrats to you and thanks for the awesome contest. I hope I could finally get my own copy of 13RW!

Thao Tran


Anonymous said...


or myspace

I've met you before! We read part of the book together in Mr. Huttle's class!

Anonymous said...

OmyGawd Awesome!

Donna Aileen R.

and my myspace link at the bottom:]

Tanja said...

I am also from Germany. I also think it makes 30 weeks! Good luck!
And I also would like to take part so here is my e-mail-adress:

Emily said...


Anonymous said...

Courtney Franz

YAY! I'm so in love with that book!

Destiny said...

I loved this book!
My birthday is actually on May 24, not even kidding. So winning this could make for an amazing present!


Ann Marie said...

that's my friend's birthday!
and she loves this book, so i want to give her this sweet bag of cool stuff!
her name is Destiny and she entered too.


shortylovesyellow said...

Angela is My nAme And My email is
and my myspace url is

Sara Guthrie said...

Sara Guthrie


Laurie Boyle Crompton said...

Can't have enough copies of 13 Reasons Why! (Or 13 going on 30 for that matter!
Woo Hoo! Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Jessica Guerrero

Really great book. Are you working on any new books?

Tricia LaRue said...

How fun! This book has not been on my shelves all year in my library, and we still have at least 20 students on hold that can't get it until NEXT year. (And, we have 4 copies!. We had 5, but someone moved and took it with them!) One of my favorites...

Tricia LaRue

Katie Salo said...


Doret said...

Thanks and Congrats

Adriana Toledo said...

I loved it. It made me cry and think about everything that has happened in my life thanks for writing such an incredible book.

Candace said...

Oh I really hope it makes it to week 30 and past that too!

Anonymous said...

Whoops, I forgot the email
Olivia Jackson

megan larson said...

megan larson
or my myspace is:

Allyson said...

Allyson Ahlstrom

I loved the book. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow - 30 and growing and 8 different country additions.

When are you going overseas to promote your book?

When is your next book coming out?

Love the book and hearing about you! ! !


tammisauer said...

Ooh. La. La.

Count me in!

Tammi Sauer

kaylie said...

OMG!!!! Congratz to ur 13RW turns into 30 now...i want to get my own 13RW with ur autograph.. it's amazing!!!

Tran Nguyen

prophecygirl said...

Wow, almost 30 weeks?! That's amazing! And great contest!

- Jenny

Chris said...

Thanks for such a powerful book, and for also sharing your writing woes at the Blue Boards.

I really like the photo journey at MySpace.

Chris Hingley
c _ films @ hotmail . com

(Hoping that the third time is the charm)

Anonymous said...

Stephanie Ursini

Email address:

~The Book Pixie said...

Ok this is just an awesome contest! Very generous of you!


Danielle Brown said...

Danielle Brown

my e-mail is:

and url is

David Williamson said...

Hey Jay. Great Contest Idea. Here's my entry.

David Williamson

Myspace: Click HereTwitter: Click Here

Brittany Moore said...

Count me in, that book was wonderful I would love to listen to it on audio!

Brittany Moore

Anonymous said...

Elkin Public Library

You can reach me at

Traci Glass said...

Traci Glass

Davina said...

This sounds amazing!
I'd like to enter... my name is Davina.

Anonymous said...

Triz M

Congratulations! It is a great book - I'm happy so many people are getting to read it.

Yan said...

That sounds like an amazing way to celebrate! :D

rh3a said...

jenny plattel

*fingers crosssed*

Crystal Arteaga said...

Heart this book


Anonymous said...

I'm Athirah from Malaysia

my email:

one of the reasons I wanted this so bad is because I want to get '13 Reasons Why' which is sadly unavailable in my country. Hopefully i win. hahaha :)

Betty Rozema said...

Betty Rozema
search "betty rozema" on myspace to find.

Carise Pernell said...

Good job! :D

Dominic said...

Oh... Breath taking tale of a young girl and what she left behind.

Unknown said...

Shawn Kelley
Search facebook/myspace for Shawn Kelley

StefanieEmmy said...

Hey, I am following your blog from Austria since I read your book last christmas. And btw it is also really excellent in German ;)

Stefanie Lechner

Thanks so much for that great idea!

Greetings! :)

Ciera St.Pierre said...

Ciera St.Pierre

my email:

Book Butterfly (Kim) said...

Kim Pickett

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Danielle Kay

Erika Powell said...

this is a great giveaway. I am still one of the sad few who haven't read the book but I really want to!
sports dot erikalynn at gmail dot com

Alicia said...

Alicia Karasch

Anonymous said...

Hi!I loved Thirteen Reasons Why.
My name is Jackie Blanco and my email is

dachely said...

Dachely hernandez
(by the way i just wanna say that this story was just amazing and real)

Unknown said...

Angela Cummings

sailorroxy said...

Rachel Chastain

email adress


Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

Wooo Hooo! Damn! A Big congratulations to you, Jay! You must be proud. I am. Are you going to be at the SCBWI thingy in LA this year?


Anonymous said...

Quilla Franquemont
This book has absolutely touched and changed my like it is simply beautiful ad lyrical the way the book flows. I cried at the end I REALLY hope I win!

Lisa said...

What a fun contest!

Lisa Bentley

Jessica Reeves said...

Jessica Reeves

Nicole Bloome said...

Nicole Bloome


Anonymous said...

I loved the book and have bought 2 class sets for my library which are always checked out. Congratulations!

Lynnda Shawver

Donna Aileen said...

Okay I Know I Already Signed Up For This But God Jay I Freaking Love Your Book And I Reallyyyyyy Reallyyy Wish I Could Win This! Like You seriously have no idea how much i want this!!!
It's Like Super Amazing!!
Congrats Jay!!!:]

or my myspace display name: DannyEugene.(put together w/ the period at the end btw.)

Oh and my real name is Donna Aileen R btw.

Donna Aileen said...

Oops I forgot to add my email in my last comment:]

-from the anxious to win this Donna Aileen R.

Jazzy said...

This is the best book ever and it will definitely make 30 weeks. This is a cool competition!

Jasmine Penny

Renee said...


lovely idea :)

Unknown said...

Mikaela vdH

email address:!!!!

olivia and kathryn said...

i have a friend that went through this kind of thing (she's still alive) i was terrified i would cry and just let all of my fellings out in my room because it scared me every time she would tell me she was thinking about it and it made me worry even more. well i told her to read this book to help her realize how many lives she was goig to hurt if she did this and after she got done with it she loved it and it inspired her and myself to not go through with this so im very happy one of these kind of books made sense to us alot of them we wouldn't understand but anyway thanls for writing a great book!:)

Stephani said...

This book changes how I see everyone in my life. It really opened up my eyes. You're making a difference with this. It's amazing. :)

Stephani Savary

Unknown said...

Best book I've read in a very long time. Intriguing, gripping, chilling, and the best way possible!

Congratulations on a groundbreaking debut novel!

*crosses fingers*

Soleil Lisette

Anonymous said...

Victoria Antonitis, Youth Services Librarian
I love this book!!
Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

Rasa Antonitis
I loved this book!!!!!

Alexis Jirtle said...

Alexis Jirtle

I hope it makes it to 30!

Unknown said...

Hi it's Soleil again. I'd rather give you this MySpace address because I review books on there:

Thanks! And...
Thirteen Reasons Why...I Should Win :)
1. I
2. L
3. O
4. V
5. E
6. T
7. H
8. I
9. S
10. B
11. O
12. O
13. K

Have a wonderful day, Jay!

Joan said...

I am so IN on this contest! You know me, but I will give my blog address anyway. Your friends need to see you and 13RW plastered on one more blog!


indie_93 said...

Would love to enter this contest.

Amanda Veloso said...

Hopeful thoughts from Brazil!

Amanda Veloso

Hell's Quookie said...

Zakkarrii Edison Daniels

Anonymous said...

emily marchant

Megan Harrigfeld said...

Megan Harrigfeld


Paradox said...

I go by a nickname online:


paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

Serena Baik said...

Hi, Can I still enter the contest? If so, my name is Serena Baik and my email is

Anonymous said...

Again i want to say congrats Jay.
I'm prolly getting annoying now and i'm really really sorry.
hope i win.

-donna aileen R.


Rochelle Blue said...

Cheers to 13RW going on 30 and beyond!

Rochelle Blue

Gabriela Chao said...

My name is Gabriela Chao,


by the way, your book is amazing and deep. I absolutely loved it, one of my faves. :]