Monday, April 13, 2009

The Japanese Edition!


Cover with sash:

What does it say? What does it say???


Casey Something said...

Another great cover!

Suzanne Young said...

I like this one. But the Italian is my favorite cuz it's all dark and moody. lol.

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Wow! Lovely cover...and so many editions! Congrats man.

Sarah Beth Durst said...

Ooh, pretty. Congrats! I love seeing how different all the covers are. Fascinating.

Jay Asher said...

Every time I see a new cover, it amazes me. It's the same text, but the mood set by each cover is so different.

People who read the Japanese version are probably going to begin the book with a different mindset than someone reading the Italian version...or the German. Will that alter their experience with the entire story?


Anonymous said...

You could call your next suspense novel, 13 Covers, Why?

Soyon said...

I learned Japanese in high school times. The red letters on the back cover say, "why did she killed herself? why me?"
But, don't believe me.

Jay Asher said...

Soyon, you just earned an A for Japanese to English translation.

This evening, I got an e-mail from the person who translated my book into Japanese, and here's what it says on the sash (Thank you, Hiroko!):

(from right to left)
18 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List (and still counting!)

(thick black letters)
America's best-selling problem novel lands!

Remaining cassette tapes reveal the mystery of a girl's suicide.

(slanting pink letters)
Why did she die?
What did I do?

Alexandra said...

I like that!!

Flemmily said...

"Why did she die...what did I do?"

One word: Chilling.

Loving the cover parade!

It does put me in awkward "I wonder if my book will ever have a cover!" imaginary mode.

**rapid head clearing shake**

Okay--better finish it first. :)

Laini Taylor said...

Jay, this one's beautiful. How totally exciting, getting these new editions! Like your book is born anew each time :-)

Amanda Lynne said...

Hi there. I love your book so far, I'm to about the middle of Cassette 5 Side A. It makes me think, especially about her talking about how poetry was basically her therepy, because for me, poetry is my mental therepy, and is how I get away from the reality. I take some of Hannah's words to heart because, some of the things she told the people who took her hope and what not..that came close to happening to, I understand it. I'm a whole lot better now, but just reading this brings back many memories. some good, some bad. But your book is amazing. I like the way it was put together. And I would like to actually hear it, like, her, recording the cassette tapes, kinda like they'd been sent to me in a way. <3 I REALLY like your book. I can't say it enough.. I want the Japanese copy..believe it or now, I want them all. They'd be a pretty cool collection, I think so anyway. I'll have to post back to tell you how much I liked the ending. Again, amazing book so far. ^^

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful cover.


Anonymous said...

I recently read your book, and i loved it! It's truly brilliant, mate. I like the italian cover the most, it best fit my mental image of Hannah. But everyone's an opinion. xD Cheers!