Sunday, July 10, 2016

Puerto Rico!

Yes, I was in Puerto Rico recently. But it was for work, okay? I can't help it if I get to my hotel room and the window looks out on a view like this...

It's still work!

And I can't help it if that window slides open and I can lean out to get a view like this...

Still work!

Sadly, I am not a beach dude. Beaches are so...sandy. And if you get in the water, when you get out, that sand sticks to you. And the sun is

My wife and my son, they love the beach. So when I sent them the pics from above, they both said they would be very upset if I came home without getting in that beautiful water. But as I told them, which is the same as I told you, this was a work visit. I wasn't there to play!

Plus, I didn't bring my swim shorts.

First order of business, I was interviewed by a local newspaper. And they brought a photographer with them. But I can not help it that this was the backdrop...

Primarily, I was in Puerto Rico to give a talk and do a signing at The Bookmark Boutique. The most nerve-wracking part of any bookstore visit is the lead-up. Will anyone show? If only a few people show--as can happen--I still enjoy myself, but more than a few is always nice. When I approached the store, that place was packed! People were standing outside!!!

Yes, it was a small store (hence, the Boutique part of the name), but still!

I began by reading a couple of pages as Clay's character from Thirteen Reasons Why, and was soon joined by a girl from the audience who read the part of Hannah.

Then I spoke a bit about the writing for that book, and The Future of Us, and told them about the October release of What Light. During the Q&A part of my visit, I gave out packets of What Light hot cocoa mix.

They were an amazing audience! I had a great time, and would love to come back.

Before I hopped on the plane to fly home, I gave in and bought a pair of swim shorts. I think I was the palest thing on the beach without feathers, but the water was so warm, my only regret is that I didn't dive in earlier.

I'm sure I looked something like this...

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Sabrina Steyling said...

That's the kind of work I want to do! And for the record, I'd be just as pale...