Friday, August 30, 2013

Books Tour

This week, I had visitors from Germany! The woman who works at my German publisher, maintaining my Facebook pages over there, stopped by. She and her boyfriend are on a cross-country tour, and it brought them through my town. I took them to a few tourist spots, but we also stopped at places that inspired settings in Thirteen Reasons Why and The Future of Us. Vipsana took photos at each stop to post online for my German readers.

Here we are in the garden at Linnaea's Café, the inspiration for Monet's Café in 13RW.

Inside the café, she took photos of the "scribble books" used by customers, though we had to delete some pics when we realized the pages had swear words galore! (They were English swear words, but I think Hollywood has made them understandable around the world.)

We then visited the movie theater and library that made their way into Thirteen Reasons Why, and the donut shop and city park from The Future of Us. When we pulled up to the park, Vipsana got excited because she said it was exactly as she'd pictured. The fictional world came to life!

My next book may feature a scene at Bubblegum Alley, so we had to stop there. The alley runs between two stores and is covered on both sides by...what else?

One of these bubblegum blobs was donated by Vipsana. But I promise, when I was in Germany last year, I threw all of my gum in the trash where it belongs!

I had a wonderful time meeting another person from my German publishing house. Any of you other foreign publishers who want to send representatives my way, I'd love to meet them. Or if anyone from my U.S. publisher ever makes it to the west coast, stop on by!

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