Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Philly

I don't know if the citizens of New Philadelphia, Ohio ever refer to their city New Philly, but they should! I didn't want to ask, though, in case the question annoys them. (If you ask people who live in San Francisco if they ever call their city Frisco, they usually answer something like this: "No we do not!!!!!!!" If you get the chance, you should ask them for yourself. It's fun!)

My trip to New Phil(ly)adelphia was my most exhausting speaking gig to fly to. I left my home airport on Monday at 6pm, had a long layover in L.A., then flew to Chicago where I had another long layover, and arrived in Ohio around 10:30am on Tuesday. I scrambled to my hotel for a quick snooze, and when the alarm went off, I jumped into Author Mode. (Author Mode is a biological setting you get upon publication.)

And the travel was entirely worth it!

Before speaking, I had dinner with several librarians, a library intern, teachers, and members of ADAMHS (Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services). In the photo below, Darlene Dotto is to my right. She was the person who organized the visit. Not pictured is Michelle McMorrow Ramsell, the library director. She took this photo, which I borrowed (swiped?) from her Facebook page.

At the library, before I spoke, two members from ADAMHS informed the audience about what their organization provides as well as the warning signs of suicide. It was a wonderful way to start the event, and it was an honor to have them there. (They even stayed to hear me speak!) If I was at all groggy as I stepped up to the podium, the audience had me fully charged within a couple of sentences. They were so engaged and engaging!

Thank you for a great visit, New PhilADELPHIA!


Jada said...

I don't know if the people who actually live IN New Philly call it that, but just about everyone who doesn't live there does. :) I mean, honestly, it's a really long name and us Ohioans (or maybe just me)are kinda lazy.

Unknown said...

Yes, we call it New Philly all the time!

Teresa said...

You should have asked! :) We call it Philly but most people spell it Phila. Living in a town with such a long name we have to shorten it!