Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Slovak Edition!


Anonymous said...

hey, I hope you see this. ok, I have almost 17 years (it will be next week) and I read your book last year. After the first time, I knew that I will read for a lot of times, and I did. I'm from Brazil and I don't have a good english, sorry. I started thinking about write to you since I read, I thought about write a letter, but I don't know how. Actually, I have nothing to say, I just want to thank you for wrote Thirteen Reasons Why, for introduce me to Buffalo Tom, haha, and I'm fine for all these things, so thank you. xx

Anonymous said...

Mir gefallen diese Bücher super.Jay asher ist der beste schriftsteller den ich kenne. Tote mädchen lügen nicht haben mich in mein bett gefesselt.wir haben das buch in der schule gelesen und ich war die erste die das buch durchgelesen hatte.und ich habe eine 1 in der arbeit über tote mädchen lügen nicht

Ajka C said...

Carolyn must love the "ova" at the end of her name in Slovak edition :-) Very excited to see your book is available in my home country. Makes the world seem smaller and home closer.