Monday, May 21, 2012

Mini-movie and Interpretive Dance

There are a lot of great reader-created videos for Thirteen Reasons Why on YouTube. I used to frequently post my favorites here, but I became so busy writing and promoting The Future of Us that I had to stop checking for a while. Well, the other day I took a look again,!

This first video is longer than most, with some great camera work and beautiful acting.

The next video is the first dance interpretation of the book I've seen. It's fun to figure out which scene they're depicting, and the ending is so powerful.

Once again, my readers have both stunned and inspired me.

Thank you!


Bethany Neal said...

These are amazing! I feel like if blogs and Flip cams were around when I was a teen I'd have done stuff like this. So fun.

shelley said...

These are so impressive. What an honor that your words impact young people this strongly. This is what it's all about.