Monday, April 30, 2012

Give Me My Comics!

I may not be a comic book aficionado, but I'm trying! It's an art form I want to appreciate and understand much more than I do. It's like classical music. Over the years, I've asked friends to recommend comic books and classical music that they think will grow my appreciation, but I can never get much deeper than surface enjoyment. But I continue to try!

And I love Free Comic Book Day.

From the website:
Free Comic Book Day is a single day - the first Saturday in May each year - when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely FREE* to anyone who comes into their stores.
It's brilliant marketing. It's so much fun. And it frustrates me so much that I've been out of town for the past several FCBDs, and unable to visit my local stores. This year, I'll be speaking a few hours south of my hometown, but I used the FCBD store locator to map the nearest places where I can grab those free goodies.

So where will I be on May 5? I'll be in Ontario, CA for Teen Book Fest. And you should be there, too! It's at the Ontario City Library from 1-4pm. I'll be on a panel with Josephine Angelini, Anna Carey, and Alexandra Monir. If you stop by a comic book store before the event, let me know which comics you picked up, and I'll show you what I picked up.

And next week, on May 11, I'll be at Books Inc. in Palo Alto, CA on another panel, this time with Kevin Emerson, Jandy Nelson, Cat Patrick, and Daisy Whitney. A few lucky people who come to that event will leave with CDs full of music each author chose to represent his or her latest book.

For The Future of Us, I chose:

Crash Into Me - Dave Matthews Band
Walking On Sunshine - Katrina & The Waves
Wonderwall - Oasis


Mary Weber said...

Oh, this sounds fun! Yay comics!!! And what a totally fabulous author line-up for both signings!


Mary Weber said...

Pardon me, "panels" (not signings). Although, I certainly hope there's some rabid fan signings involved. ;0)

Jay Asher said...

Panels and signings. But I'm an author, I shouldn't have to write clearly! :-)

Liviania said...

FCBD is the best.

Kathryn said...

I have a letter for you. Is there any fan mail address I can send it too? Please respond!