Sunday, August 28, 2011

Storytime and Movietime

Last week was one of the most significant weeks of my life because...

I took Isaiah to his very first storytime!

I remember attending storytime at the library when I was young, and it felt wonderful to continue the tradition. Kristen Barnhart (children's librarian / friend / former co-worker) led the storytime, and I can't wait to go back later this week. Hopefully Isaiah will come with me!

In the photo below, Isaiah's staring at an older boy who was holding several books. And for some reason, the boy wasn't trying to eat them. Weird!

Even though he was one of the youngest children there, Isaiah watched and listened so intently. Unlike some of the other children, he never once interrupted Kristen while she was reading. No, he has way too much respect for books and librarians to do that. Of course, he also doesn't know how to speak yet.

Because Isaiah behaved so well in the library, a few days later we took him to an outdoor movie. Over three Saturdays this month, the Parks & Rec department showed children's movies in an amphitheather across from the mission. When Over the Hedge came out in 2006, JoanMarie and I went on a date-night to see it with some friends. We both loved it!

On family-night, we loved it even more.


Sabrina Steyling said...

Isaiah is such a cutie! How wonderful that he's such a good kid. I hope he stays that way!

Amy said...

your little boy is such a cutie. My local library has a program called "Babies in the Library" that I used to take my son to. I started going while I was still pregnant with him and we have continued going till he turned 3. There was stories, sing-alongs, and other great things to mold babies minds. It's an excellent program! Now he goes to regular story time :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, how cute!! I'm glad you had fun at both events and that's great he enjoyed storytiime. He might not be able to talk yet, but we all know he has a deep respect for the art of literature and libraries. ;-)


Martha Ramirez said...

How cute!

m. christine weber said...

Those pics of Isaiah are super cute. He's looking so old! I like how intent he seems on everything. :-)

Oh, and you and JoanMarie look quite lovely too ;-).