Saturday, July 03, 2010

Happy 4th of July (plus a note to all you werecougars out there)

JoanMarie and I began the Independence Day festivities on July 2nd, joining some good friends at a local baseball game, which was followed by a much-better-than-expected fireworks display.

Nope, you can't celebrate America any better than being outdoors with friends, watching baseball and fireworks. Unless, of course, you add some hot dogs and nachos into the mix! (Nachos are totally American if you eat them at a baseball game.)

We'll be spending the actual 4th at the beach with some more friends, followed by more fireworks. And I'm sure I'll squeeze in another hot dog or two!

Now let me speak to all of you adult ladies for a second. On July 3rd, JoanMarie and I went to see Eclipse. We enjoyed it. And yes, Taylor Lautner's abs made me a bit jealous (though not jealous enough to keep me away from those hot dogs). But listen, Mr. Lautner was 17 in that movie. That makes him a minor, and that makes some of your descriptions of his body slightly creepy!

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kah said...

It's been raining here all weekend. So I may be spending my 4th curled up with a great book.

Have a wonderful 4th, Jay!