Thursday, February 03, 2011

13,000 Reviews & 1 Preview


Have you been to the Thirteen Reasons Why website recently? Along with the YouTube videos, Hannah's map, and podcasts, readers have been posting mini-reviews, and we're fast approaching the 13,000th review!

In honor of that upcoming milestone, I'm giving away two signed copies of the book to two of my favorite people. And one of those people could be you!

At the end of the day that we reach 13,000, I'll randomly select two people who've left comments on this post. So check back, and when I announce the winners, I'll tell you how to give me your mailing address.

And now for the preview...

This summer, Thirteen Reasons Why will finally be coming out in paperback! If you haven't already seen the announcement at Publishers Weekly, check it out. The cover has been altered slightly, leaving Hannah on the swing while replacing the background with silver foil. I can't wait to hold this shiny baby in my hands!

Because a lot more people have been leaving comments than I expected, I'm going to double the amount of books being given away, so now there are four books up for grabs! And in case you aren't particularly strategy-minded, if you leave a comment here and at the above website, we'll reach 13,000 even sooner. And the sooner the contest ends, the less time others will have to enter it, making your chances even better.

Of course, I'm only saying this because I get impatient easily and I want to give the books to four of you right now!!!


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Amy B. Walter said...

I need more copies for my classroom! I should have taken you up on the offer for a signed freebie while in Philadelphia! Didn't realize you would go "Hollywood" back then! j/k, hope all is well, Jay!
~Amy Baverso Walter

AmyLynne89 said...

I Love this book so much, i tihnk that it should be a required reading for all schools middle and high. It sends a great message and its so just awesome

Anonymous said...

hungarian cover is my fave

Maya B said...

13 reasons why was an extremely compelling and interesting read, and it was about a very sensitive topic that you don't find often. The characters felt very real to me,and as you read the book, you grew to care about, or dislike them. All of the scenes were written very well, and were very detailed and moving. I could feel all of the emotions that the characters were feeling. It was also suspenseful, because I wanted to see what each person had done to get onto the tapes, and what Clay had done. Honestly, I would recommend this book to everyone. I can’t think of a single person that shouldn’t read this book, or that wouldn't benefit from it.It was just so amazing, and it makes you think about how you treat other people, and how every thing you say can impact someone in so many ways.

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