Saturday, February 21, 2009

Arizona: Day 1

After eight days in the Sunshine State, even though I had an insane amount of fun, I was really looking forward to getting home and crashing in my own bed (even if I do have to give up maid service and pillow chocolates).

But now I'm state away from home. First it was an electrical problem on the plane, followed by weather issues. In order for the plane to take-off, 50% of the passengers were going to get bumped. Since this was the last flight of the day, that meant another night in a hotel for a whole bunch of us.

Before they started pickin' people off one by one, they asked for volunteers. So, out of the kindness of my heart, I volunteered. (Well, the kindness of my heart and the fact that I got a free flight anywhere in the country!)

But it's taking forever to get my 50% rebooked. So until I can attack the cushy pillows of my next hotel, I'll make due with my carry-on luggage.



rh3a said...

aww. hope the plane went/goes ok.

love your blogging! ive been busy the past few days, and its awesome to log and see there are so many posts from you to read.
<3 ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I feel terrible since I was the one who booked that flight for you!!!! Hope you get home soon...

Jay Asher said...

And now for the update:

After waking up early for my next flight, I was bumped from that one, as well. But I made it on a flight heading 90 miles from my original destination, so after it landed, a whole mess of us got bussed the rest of the way.

And it was all worth it because I got another free round-trip flight. So the two flights my wife has coming up later in the year are now totally free. So thank you, Jennifer! :-)

(And I even made it home in time to watch the Oscars!)

Marlena said...

What a bummer! I hope you didn't have any more problems after that.